Numerologist: “Daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk will give her a grandchild”

Нумеролог: «Дочь Анастасии Заворотнюк подарит ей внука» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future actress. According to him, the star of the series “My fair nanny” lacks the energy, which she often is depressed and prone to mood swings.

      Today, April 3, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk celebrates 46th birthday. The actress became famous in the early 2000s, playing Vick Prutkovsky in a Comedy television series “My fair nanny”. The star has two children: 21-year-old Anja and 16-year-old Michael. 22 September Zavorotnyuk will celebrate the ninth anniversary of marriage to figure skater Peter Chernyshev. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future celebrity.

      “Life code Anastasia – 257 1910 – means that she was born in “the Day the main character” and used to play only the main role, moreover, not only on stage but in life, says Clara. – The program is written sign of artistry. Talented and patient, sincere and fair, she has psychic powers and can predict the future. Nastia no eights in the program, which suggests that the star readily applies to material – to save finances car crash can not.”

      According to Kuzenbaeva, actress not enough energy, which she often gets depressed and prone to mood swings. Numerologist noted that sometimes Anastasia could become a despot.

      “Home know about its features and try in these moments to leave her alone. The star of inherent self-flagellation, any damage she takes very much to heart. Nastia inherent carelessness and she is completely lacking a sense of self-preservation,” said Kuzenbaeva.

      As told by Clara, the chosen star Peter was born in “the Day of popularity” and fame came to him thanks to his wife.

      “He brings his wife prosperity and good fortune. Loyal by nature and in love with Anastasia, he is the guarantor of their happy family. But Nastya knows that her husband’s difficult character and useless to argue with him – if the latter decided something, it is impossible to convince. But in General, marriage in a harmonious celebrities – no one to whom no passes, everything is equal. Donor-Peter perfectly complements Nastya”, – said the expert.

      According to predictions of numerologist, 48 years Peter and Nastya will be a period of deception. She noted that at this time, spouses can not start a new business, to borrow money and to invest in projects of dubious reputation.

      “In 51 years car crash will be a big success – she will act in movie that will break all the ratings for hits in theaters. Also this year, thanks to his daughter, Anya, Nastya will be a grandmother,” – said Kuzenbaeva.