Numerologist: “Daniel Fears will soon become a father”

Нумеролог: «Даниил Страхов скоро станет отцом» Clara Kuzenbaeva predicted the actor a happy future. According to the expert, Daniil Strakhov and his wife Maria have a baby. This year he had prepared a lot of surprises, including, and in family life.

      Today, March 2, the actor Daniel Strahova turns 41. He is in demand in the profession, last year she starred in several projects: starring in the drama “Trail fighter”, “True of Samantha Smith”, “the burning Bush” and “You’re pissing me off”. With his wife, actress Maria Leonova, Fears have been together for 20 years. Children in pairs. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of a celebrity and made a forecast on his future.

      “Daniel was born in “Day of exceptional tolerance,” says Clara. His life code 2810246 means that he is a carrier of th sign – he was destined to become famous. Judging by his life’s program, he has the numerology of a judge and a lawyer – he is patient and fair. But his problem is low self-esteem, he always doubts herself. And it’s bad – if he will continue to be introspective, luck can turn away from him. Fears like loneliness, he is uncomfortable in large companies. He has huge energy, he’s a pretty hard man, does not forgive insults. But if this actor is a hard worker, very charming man.”

      Despite the fact that Daniel and Mary live in perfect harmony in the family, too, sometimes quarrels. However, the conflict quickly fade, as the actor has incredible endurance.

      “Wife Fears living together, even if the couple swears, the initiator of the quarrel stands Mary, because Daniel cannot withdraw from himself, he is very patient,” – said Clara.

      Kuzenbaeva recommends Strahova attentive to their own health, despite the fact that overall he has a very strong body. Especially carefully it is necessary to monitor the thyroid gland and blood vessels.

      Clara suggested that Daniel could be not only a brilliant actor but also a successful businessman because of the analytical mind. Also it would be waiting for success in politics.

      According to numerology, last year was challenging for the actor. Clara Kuzenbaeva reckons he will be lucky – it will literally snapped up by the Directors. Also, the woman assumes that the artist will change in your personal life.

      “The year 2016 for insurance was difficult, but after the birth he enters into a period of recovery. It is waiting for a breakthrough in career, new roles, and perhaps even the birth of a child, – says Clara. – But the most successful period in the life of an actor starts when he turns 43. Even if up to this time Daniel and Maria did not acquire their children, they decide to adopt, which reflect today. And then and Maria the house will come happiness and harmony”.