Numerologist: “Catherine Barnabas need to be careful behind the wheel”

Нумеролог: «Екатерине Варнаве нужно быть аккуратнее за рулем» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future star. The expert believes that Catherine Barnabas will be a good wife and mother. Her marriage will be very successful and it will succeed in the career.

One of the most prominent Actresses of the show “Comedy Woman” today marks 33 years. The girl is in a relationship with dancer Konstantin Myakinkova – couple preparing for the wedding. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the actress and made a prediction for the future. Catherine Barnabas is preparing for her wedding with her lover

“Catherine was born in “Day lush flowering,” says Clara. Her life code 347 167 means that celebrity media is a two character artistry. Self-sufficient and talented person and a big dreamer, Katia could become a great writer or a famous journalist, if I hadn’t chosen the acting profession. She loves and is able to work, but we have to admit, the fate in his favor – hence the popularity. It is noteworthy that for all its Comedy the way, Kate is very intelligent and clever, which she is interested not with every person and she is very selective in the choice environment.”

According to experts, excessive emotionality Barnabas often leads to the fact that she is making mountains out of molehills and engaged samoedstvom. Besides, it lacks of energy, which the artist often falls into depression and withdraws into himself. For this reason, she gets tired very quickly.

“Kate always needs nourishment from the outside, she needs to surround himself with people-donors, to compensate for a lack of energy. Star is absolutely impossible to be alone, she needs to surround himself with a large number of people, says numerologist. – Today in the life of a star begins the year tens. Waiting for her success and popularity, as well as a successful marriage, the birth of a child. From it, by the way, would make the perfect wife and mother.”

Kuzenbaeva hastened to warn the actress. In her opinion, at 34, the star need to be careful and to sit at home to devote herself to the family. In 35 years we can again return to the stage.

“Kate is very hazardous and great adventurer, likes to take risks and completely devoid of a sense of self. For this reason, she needs to be careful driving, especially in the next year, said Clara. – The artist is a good health – and thanks to the energy, and sports, which she used to devote a lot of time.”