Нумеролог: «Брэдли Куперу не хватает нежности в отношениях с Ириной Шейк» Irina Shayk celebrates a birthday today. The star of the catwalk celebrates 32 years. Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the model. According to her, the mannequin is very lucky to have chosen, but sometimes she needs to be softer in fellowship with him.

Today, January 6, Irina Shayk turns 32. From year to year model adorns the covers of top glossy magazines for many years is the most popular and highly paid model of today. In his personal life beauties too, everything is going great: after a five-year affair with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, which didn’t end with a wedding, Shayk met actor Bradley Cooper. 21 March 2017 Irina gave birth to a darling daughter Leah de Sien.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of the model and made forecast its future.

“Irina was born in “the day of the study,” says Clara. Her life code 314 1910 means that it is a carrier of the sign of the peacemaker, and she destined the sign of fame. But the nature of celebrity heavy for her to withstand, you need to love her. Despite the seeming softness she has a domineering character and used that everything happened only in her scenario. Moreover, the star suffers from mood swings and if she is depressed, will have a hard time to anyone who is within a kilometer from a celebrity. But she is diplomatic and tactful, she has a keen sense of justice, she doesn’t like to hurt people. She’s a fan of his work, she had a high line implementation. Starting something, it certainly brings the matter to an end.”

According to Kuzenbaeva, elect Irina Bradley is a very stubborn man and also suffers from mood swings. Clara believes that because of this family often occur quarrels. “Irina knows that favorite man does not like criticism and likes flattery and often gets her way with these two simple mechanisms. She had to hold on to Bradley because he brings her luck,” added numerologist.

According to the forecast of Clara, Irene – hard man, so her lover is lacking in family affection. But the model can give the spouse the confidence in their own strength, because Bradley fear and all the time doubt what he was doing. Irina, on the contrary, very brave and not afraid of anything.

“Despite different temperaments and Irina Bradley is a very harmonious pair and, most likely, they will be together for many years if not a lifetime,” concluded Kuzenbaeva.