Numerologist: “Bari Alibasov married for the seventh time”

Нумеролог: «Бари Алибасов женится в седьмой раз» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the famous producer. Today Bari Alibasov celebrating a birthday. According to experts, a man “fueled” energy from women, and therefore predicted a quick wedding.

Today, the founder of the legendary group “na-na” celebrates anniversary – Bari Alibasova is 70 years old. Four years ago, the star married actress Victoria Maximova, his former assistant. In 2016, the couple had a son Ivan. However, after a while it became clear that Alibasov is not the father of the child, and the couple broke up. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the producer and made a forecast on his future.

“Bari was born in “Day of prophecy”, says Clara. His life code 336213, says that he is the bearer of the mark of the philanthropist and is always willing to help. He also has a hypnotic gift, the ability to foresee the future and read minds is almost impossible to fool him. But Bari – person, no-luck, his whole life got hard. His life was UPS and downs. He was one of those trouble not upsetting, but just push for new achievements”.

Clara Kuzenbaeva found that Bari Karimovich a sharpened sense of justice, but because if he hadn’t become a producer, has made a career of a lawyer or judge. Numerologist also explained that was the reason for many marriages to men.

“His problem is that he lacks energy, that’s why he was married six times – Bari is constantly in search of new sources of energy. As soon as he feels nearby the person no longer “feeds” him in a bad mood, starts to make trouble… So it’s possible Alibasov have another marriage to a producer will soon need “fresh blood”, – said the expert.

Kuzenbaeva found that perfect pair of producer will be the girl-Aquarius. Numerologist noted that Alibasov knows how to count money. However, he is not greedy, does not stingy for a loved one or relative, but it will be wasted.

“Now in his life came a period when it’s time to go on vacation, forget about the material and to enjoy life. I would advise him to visit the spiritual places, to engage in philanthropic work, because his purpose in life is to help people,” concluded Clara.