Нумеролог: «Анна Седокова скоро родит четвертого ребенка» The singer turns 35 today. A former soloist of the “Golden” part of the popular trio “VIA Gra” a successful solo career and three children: 13-year-old Christina, 6-year-old Monica and 8-month-old Hector.

However, the personal lives of Anna Sedokova not yet developed: despite the constant attention on the part of males, the actress today alone. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the date of birth of the singer and made a prediction for its future.

“Life code Anne 3032810 says that it is a carrier of sign creation and sign of the popularity of man “dozens,” notes Clara. – Same layout Kolya Baskov and Svetlana Loboda. Anna was born in “Day of the sublime imagination.” She has a strong will and tremendous energy, but in everyday life she is a person heavy. To constantly be by her side, requires a lot of patience. She needs a man who will be lenient towards her antics. Anya grumpy, in the case of the heated situation never silent. If a star is unhappy, all the emotions written on her face, she is not able to hide his negativity. It is very important to learn patience. But she’s honest, can not lie and to cheat, to build suspense,” said the numerologist.

According to Clara, Anna loves and knows how to work, hard work does not scare her. She got used to achieving everything on their own and not rely on someone’s support. She has a high line implementation for this goal it’s going to end. Its main problem is that, on the one hand, in its code two eights, which suggests that she is very lucky, but on the other, it is not happiness. But at the same time and loneliness is not written in it, so afraid was to remain all his life unmarried ane still not worth it. Just need to revise your character, meditate to become softer and dream man will appear. Also help wearing amulets made of coral – it enhances the feminine energy.

“Anya prudent person, knows how to count money. But at the same time, it lacks practicality, so the star often saves on the little things, but loses some major acquisitions,” said Kuzenbaeva.

Clara said that now in the life of Annie good band, year ten. And in two years it may again become mother – a star is born another daughter. And after 38, it waits for the period of recession which will last for a year.

“By the way, when Anya was pregnant with Hector, I made a prediction to the father of her child Artyom Komarov, which is well known and has calculated that his soon to be born son. And so it happened!” summed up numerologist.