Numerologist: “Anna Buzova she left the civil husband.”

Нумеролог: «Аня Бузова сама бросила гражданского мужа» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future sister of a celebrity. According to the expert, the girl “gave down” the chosen one, because he was not able to meet its requirements. Anna Buzova disorder in the family prefers not to comment.

      Нумеролог: «Аня Бузова сама бросила гражданского мужа»

      Fans of Anna Buzova sure the girl suffered the fate of star sister and her relations with the civil husband, businessman Konstantin Striking came to an end. Anja and Constantine met at the wedding of mutual friends over five years ago. Their romance developed rapidly, but they never came to the Registrar’s office – according to Ani, on the legitimation of relations she Strikin no time, they work a lot.

      Businesswoman on rumors about problems in his personal life does not react, but carefully erases their social media questions from subscribers about her quarrel with her lover. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied dates of birth of Annie and Constantine, and made a forecast on their future.

      “Anya was born in “the day of the defensive position,” said Clara “StarHit”. Her life code – 4153710 says that she has a very rare program – Anya harmonious, but it is very strong and ambitious personality. Her character has such features as a sense of superiority – it puts itself a step above than all other people”.

      Kuzenbaeva claims that the celebrity sister should perceive reality somewhat differently, if she doesn’t want to face the future with serious problems.

      “Anya needs to learn to subdue pride, otherwise life will punish her, “put on your knees.” But Anna, unlike his sister, Oli, is a very patient girl – she knows how to wait. Anna the adventuress. Able to lie smoothly, but it has a pronounced diplomatic – if she needs, she is able to persuade anyone to believe anything.”

      According to the specialist, His Junior ready to work hard, and this, of course, lies its secret of success.

      “She’s a great hard worker and lucky girl, says numerologist. – Anya has tremendous charm. And even if people point out thier flaws, will always be forgiven – it is impossible to be angry long before Anya honey. At times Ana is not enough energy, and because of this she is able to become depressed and withdraw into themselves”.

      As for the personal life of a girl here, says Clara Kuzenbaeva, Anna Buzova not easy, because she’s looking for a partner who will take care of all.

      “In the relationship and she always dominates with the opposite sex her hard – she needs a very self-contained man. Besides, Anya possessive and not everyone will survive its complicated nature. Apparently, Constantine, born the 4th of September, failed for many years to meet all the requirements of Ani and… got fired. But to get upset Buzova Jr. is not necessary – already in the 30 years she meet a new love…

      Program Anya much better than her sister – unlike Olly, she is cunning and collected, able to think several moves ahead. Besides, Oli low self-esteem, and Anya had no doubt that she is the star…”