Нумеролог: «Алина Загитова уйдет из спорта, повторив судьбу Липницкой» Brilliant speakers at the Olympics in 2018, and brought Russia gold in the individual competition skater Alina Sagitova today is experiencing hard times. At the world Championships in Milan 15-year-old athlete fell thrice in any program and in the end finished only in 5th place.

The cause of his defeat Alina herself has described as: “I feel like I’m not riding, as if it was a dream, I wasn’t nervous, absolutely nervous, for me it was a shock that before the competition I wasn’t nervous”…

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva learned the date of birth of Sagitova (18 may 2002) and made a prediction for its future.

“Alina was born in a Day of tireless activity, says Clara. Her life code – 189 167 – means that she is very hard working girl, intelligent person and a strong analyst, a bearer of the sign of progress. Kind and charismatic, she makes people attracted to him. She is the first to the rescue, will always have a person in need of support. In its program there are two eights, it means that Zaripova is always lucky, she’s lucky. But in everyday life she is impatient with her hard for a long time to be around – Alina impatient and often gets excited for nothing.”

“She’s a fighter, doesn’t like it when someone shows better than her results and will work until the last minute to overtake a competitor.”

“Despite this punchy character, Sagitova a coward, prone to doubt myself. Fortunately, with age she will learn to appreciate themselves and become more confident.

Its defeat due to the recession, which is now the skater. She shouldn’t be upset because of the incident in Milan, after my birthday on April 18 in her life will be brighter, the girl will take off in his career. You should try to participate in as many competitions, because luck is on her side.

However, in 19 years it again will be a series of unpleasant events associated with sports, and it will repeat the fate of Yulia Lipnitskaya, who brilliantly declared himself for the 2014 Olympics, but after was forced to retire from the sport. Alina is also on the eve of the twentieth anniversary changes the area of activities far from the sport”.