Нумеролог: «Алиса Аршавина мучает супруга ревностью» The name of the journalist from St. Petersburg Alice Catimini where the player Kazakhstan Kairat Andrey Arshavin married September 1, 2016, does not cease to flash in the news Chronicles.
Нумеролог: «Алиса Аршавина мучает супруга ревностью»

Over the past year, 35-year-old wife of football star earned herself notoriety. Walk through the network of screens picisoc in which beloved athlete threatens Kazakh model Olga Semenova. That, in turn, was seen on video in the arms of Andrew. As a result of the conflict in Arshavin almost opened three criminal cases.

A few months ago Cosimino along with her 9-month-old daughter Yesenia was forced to disembark from the plane, the airline personnel, for denial of wife’s celebrity to follow the rules of conduct on Board. Fans Arshavin was worried what is the reason for the strange behavior of Alice.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva learned the date of birth of Arshavina and gave his explanation: what lies behind the actions of the girl?

“Alice was born on the day of the entertainer, says Clara. Her life code – 3361910 says that the girl is a straight road to the theater – she’s an actress. Also it is a sign of power, she is very bossy. In addition, she is the bearer of the sign of fame, middle way she is – she is either upstairs or downstairs. Her motto is “all or nothing”. Alice always by any means sought and will seek attention, even though such strange antics, as with the model Semenova and employees of the airline”.

“Arshavin is a very proud and ambitious, she will be the last to seek their own, not thinking about the consequences: the owner of a cold mind it will not name. Compelled to behave scandalously wife of footballer unfulfilled ambitions, because today it is, in fact, a young mother on maternity leave, and she wants to be a star with the size not less than the husband! Here and comes up with a all sorts of stories… Not to say that she is not right in the head, on the contrary, she is a very intelligent woman, it just often overtaken by the emotion and overwhelmed by them, she is able to do anything. Moreover, today she is in a downturn and, as they say, “is not childish”. But Alice is contraindicated lie to her that all of her inventions will come out artfully to lie Arshavin does not know how.

It’s amazing how Andrew married her, because she has such a despotic character, at home she is still the dictator, is very much overbearing. I wonder how Arshavin makes hysteria Alice and her eternal claim to it, uncontrolled jealousy? He’s so sensitive and emotional… But it is clear that forced her inflamed feelings for Andrew – she is very attached to money. Let’s see how long the player has enough patience to live with such a woman.”