Нумеролог: «Алексей Ягудин скоро вновь станет отцом» Today the Olympic champion turns 38. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied birth date Yagudin and made a prediction on his future.

Completed in 2003, career Alexey devoted himself to television: participated in projects of the First channel “Stars on ice”, “Ice age”, “Ice and fire”. In 2012 he was the host of the show “Cup of professionals” paired with Irina Slutskaya. In 2013 and 2014, led “Ice age” paired with the already mentioned Slutskaya, and in 2016 – with Alla Mikheeva.

Yagudin also tried himself in the role of the actor in 2013, he participated in the theatrical production “the History of the adventures” and later played a private performance of “the Panic, or Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown”. Today, Alex has his own section on the TV channel “Match TV”.

In the personal life of a celebrity, everything is stable. Yagudin many years in a relationship with Olympic champion in pair skating Tatiana Totmyanina, November 20, 2009, the couple had a daughter, Elizabeth, 2 Oct 2015 – daughter Michelle.

“Alex was born the day the work on themselves, says Klara Kuzenbaeva. His life code – 3032810 means that he was not given a middle path: he was born to be a famous man, doomed to fame. The same layout and Tatiana Navka, the workers at the ice arena are very similar.

Yagudin is a creative person and despite the harshness in his statements, he sometimes can not afford, in fact he is a very kind person. Possesses hypnotic powers, able to read the thoughts of others, which it is almost impossible to cheat”.

“But in life and Yagudin, I must say, not so easy. It is quite hard man, do not recognize other people’s opinions. Compounding the situation is the fact that Tatiana (life code 2351910) character is also not easy, she’s stubborn, at times very proud. However, the vast analytical skills, which she has, helping her to restrain his violent temper and time to step aside, so as not to aggravate the situation in the family.”

“Alex the material is easy, it is not heavily dependent on money. Trouble-free, Yagudin easily lends, what is often later regret, because the finances do not always return to him. However, the misery star will never have: its code contains three eights, and this means that he will always be to promote good luck and it will never need funds. If he hadn’t become a skater, he’d make a great singer.

In the next year Alex, you should avoid major investments, it is better to keep the money to yourself. This time will be a period of loss. In 39 years at risk will be health, should take care of himself and to devote time to family and leisure. And in 40 years Yagudin expects a period of rapid takeoff, and he can be born another child.”