Нумеролог: «Алеся Кафельникова гробит здоровье отца» The relationship of tennis with her daughter escalated in early August. Presumably, the young model had problems with drugs. Yevgeny Kafelnikov worried about the future heiress, and she refuses to put up with a relative. Clara Kuzenbaeva clarified why they are so difficult to communicate with each other.
Нумеролог: «Алеся Кафельникова гробит здоровье отца»

Fans of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov and 18-year-old daughter Alesya is concerned about the rumors spreading around their family. At the end of July the athlete were posted on Twitter a few posts strange content, prompting many subscribers to worry about.

“Drugs,” “I went to hell! The future life begins to lose meaning,” “I failed father! Here, the worst for any parent. Aware of this fact. But I don’t deserve this”, “can’t a hold! Help” – such record has appeared in the microblog Kafelnikov.

The journalists managed to contact the tennis player, but he did not comment on the record. Ales also told media representatives that the father did not write about it. The last time Eugene and Alesya strained relations not long ago she wrote in the blog that stopped any communication with his father and trapped him in the social networks.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied date of birth Kafelnikov to understand what is happening between native people.

“Code of life Eugene – 325303 says that he was born in “the Day of the finished picture”. He is very emotional and sensitive person ignores the other person’s pain could become a doctor, if not connected the life with sports. He has low self-esteem, it passes in a relationship, including a daughter who, growing up, began to neglect the father. Life code Alesya – 3362911 means that she’s strong-willed nature, stronger than his father. Ambitious and dogmatic, she does not know how to lie and cheat, used to say people in the eye all he thinks about them. At home with her easy,” notes Clara.

According to numerology, Alesya is very smart, loves and knows how to work, but indifferent to money. Kuzenbaeva believes that the girl character is present bitchiness, because their dreams, she will go over the heads.

As noted by the expert, the problem between father and daughter began a few years ago, because they have different personalities.

“Eugene tried my whole life to surround daughter love and attention, she does not deny and believes that she should be grateful to him, but Ales, alas, is not one of those who are able to experience the noble feelings. Kafelnikov is very conscientious, he has a sharpened sense of justice. Eugene Samoyed suffers from self-flagellation. He blames himself that the daughter grew up to be not what he saw her in his dreams is kind and modest,” added Clara.

According to numerology, Ales is more attentive to the father, because he is in a period of recession, therefore, may become seriously ill.

“He needs to take care of herself, less nervous, to avoid problems with heart and lungs. Daughter should make contact with him, so nothing serious happened,” – said Kuzenbaeva.