Numerologist: “After the birth of a child Ovechkin and Subsky think about divorce”

Нумеролог: «После рождения ребенка Овечкин и Шубская задумаются о разводе» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the hockey player and his wife. Now Alexander Ovechkin and Nastassja Subsky waiting for the birth of her first child. For many fans their couple has been exemplary. However, experts see in their lives a difficult test.
Нумеролог: «После рождения ребенка Овечкин и Шубская задумаются о разводе»

Wife of Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin Nastassja Subsky no longer hide interesting position. After the athlete were posted on his social media photos with his wife, made at the ceremony of his club, “Washington kepitelz” Stanley Cup it became obvious – not later than two months in their family is expected to replenish.

Ovechkin and Subsky got married in July last year, take a walk on the chic wedding, then gathered the cream of Russian show business. Talk about pregnancy nastasi began immediately after the wedding, but the couple did not give official confirmation of this information, preferring to enjoy the anticipation of a child without too much attention from the fans. For the 32-year-old Alexander and 24-year-old Anastasia’s baby will be the first. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied dates of birth of celebrities and made a forecast of how the appearance of the heir would affect their relationship.

“Nastasia was born in “the day of the head,” says Clara. Her life code – 314 2911 – means that she is the bearer of the sign of the peacemaker and the sign of fame, and people tend to treat everything with fanaticism. Taking up the matter, Subsky is given to him completely. It says to its new role as mom she will take very seriously. Toddler girl raise Spartan, no indulgences. Warmth baby will get from his father.”
Нумеролог: «После рождения ребенка Овечкин и Шубская задумаются о разводе»

“Ovechkin was born in “Day of resistance”. His life code – 404 3811 says that he is a man with a strong character and enormous energy of life continues Kuzenbaeva. – He’s successful, charismatic and liked by all. But now he needs to stay healthy in his life, there comes a danger period, which runs to 34 years. With Nastasia they’re very different people. He is sincere and sensitive, she is tough, at times even oppressive. But they are perfect for each other in elements of it – Land, it’s Water. They are looking in the same direction. This marriage has every chance of becoming durable. For this Nastia needs to pretend to be weak and less difficult to show your character.”

“However, soon their life will be a difficult period, as both will be in recession. Perhaps it even comes to a divorce, but most of all, wisdom and love for each other will prevail and the couple will survive these difficult times,” anticipates Clara.