НТВ официально объявил имена членов жюри «Ты супер! Танцы» In September, the channel will start showing the new project, which will be attended by hundreds of young hopefuls, left without parental care. On Monday, representatives of NTV revealed the latest intrigue surrounds the premiere.
НТВ официально объявил имена членов жюри «Ты супер! Танцы»

September 2, NTV will start showing the new show “You’re super! Dancing”, which is to give chance to budding artists who have remained without care of parents, to assert themselves. Recently the representatives of the channel gave a press conference, during which he unveiled the names of the members of the jury. As it became known on Monday, judge young talents are choreographers Yegor Druzhinin and Evgeniy papunaishvili, the leading soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Kristina Kretova and actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Each of them pleased to participate in this Grand project.

“The offer to become a member of the jury I accepted with pleasure. For me this is not the first television project, but the project is amazing and special! It is important that the contest for participants will not only be a bright TV experience, but serious school, the first step into the profession”, – said Zavorotnyuk.
НТВ официально объявил имена членов жюри «Ты супер! Танцы»

She also said she was very happy to work with budding artists. The actress likes to communicate with the younger generation and to give him positive emotions. “Kids give you so much happiness! They came here for dreams and for hopes. For us the main thing – not to ruin this celebration,” said star.

General producer of NTV Timur Weinstein announced that the famous actress knows firsthand about the problems of children who have remained without parents. “For many is the revelation that Anastasia for many years the patron of the orphanage in Stavropol region, which is called “Umka,” said he, adding that the team Zavorotnyuk will be present on the first shot.

НТВ официально объявил имена членов жюри «Ты супер! Танцы»

In turn, Kristina Kretova said he understands how important it is to be noticed at a young age. “My mother at the age of 10 was brought to Moscow choreographic Academy, where was a very large selection! Then I was given a chance and I used it: now I have the happy opportunity to dance on all famous stages of the world. Really wish this was a chance all the participants in our program.” – shared ballerina.

The leading program, as previously announced, was Alexander Oleshko, whose departure from the First channel made a lot of noise. Figure of show-business says without delay agreed to the proposal to take part in the filming of a new project.

Discussing the revolution on the First channel

“This is a very logical and desirable continuation of my many years of working with children. Especially those who need special support! I will try to become their friend, companion, protection!” he hoped Oleshko.

Only in the international project of the NTV channel will be attended by over 140 artists from eleven countries. The most young participant from Russia seven years old and the oldest contestant is eighteen. They will demonstrate to the public the diversity of dance styles.