Novosibirsk activist saw a “security threat” in the novels Rowling

Новосибирская активистка увидела «угрозу безопасности» в романах Роулинг

It’s time to renew the sacred Inquisition and declare a witch hunt. A quiz about books by British writer Joanne Rowling about Harry Potter, the planned library named after D. S. Likhachev in Novosibirsk will not take place due to the fact that some activist-reader felt that the event can carry “public danger”.

As the Director of the library Irina Zyryanova, danger in the eyes of activists consisted of in the recipes magic potions, contained in the books Rowling. The activist felt that the children can use them to harm yourself.
The Director complains that because of the complaints of activists, they were forced to cancel an interesting event.
“We did not invent this, and the book sold in the public domain, nobody forbade it. As far as we know, no one thought to brew magical potions according to the recipes from the book. But the woman expressed their concerns, paid attention to what the kids can do it” — explained the cancellation of the quiz, Irina.