Novel Madyanov rewarded for bad behavior

Романа Мадянова наградили за плохое поведение The actor has got what wanted, instead of layoffs. Roman Madyanov remembered the youth and said that once escaped from the show. Usually get fired for that, and for him it presented a generous gift.
Романа Мадянова наградили за плохое поведение

Actor Roman Madyanov working in film from a young age. He first appeared on the filming area when he was 10 years old. In 1971 came the film “the English”, where the student Roma was a small episode. Now he is the winner of various awards, among his most prestigious awards “Nika” and “Golden eagle”, and filmography of the actor has 178 works.

Have Madanova eventful life and happy family. But it was not always so. The actor was born and grew up in the suburbs and a long time he did not own property. This he remembered in the program “When all the houses”. Due to the fact that Madyanov lived in Dedovsk, then in Lyubertsy, he had to travel long distances and frequently to break, so say the rules. For example, sometimes, as the actor says, he ran from the bows to catch the train. And all anything, but one day, to a performance at the Mayakovsky theater, where he played Madyanov, came Boris Yeltsin. And at the final exit of the actors setting, when the head of state himself gratefully applauded, one artist were missing.

“While serving in the theater of Mayakovsky, lived far away, the road – underground, bus, train. With some great (long) performances had to run away from the bows. Came Yeltsin and I had to leave. Then began to find out, and where one, who immediately jumped? I say apartment, that’s and fled…”, – said Roman.
Романа Мадянова наградили за плохое поведение

Usually for such offenses, a staff artist of the state theatre to give the minimum penalty, often fired. But Madanova luck. His explanation was heard, and soon the actor had his own apartment.

Романа Мадянова наградили за плохое поведение“She twirled, spun, and after some time we received the order here in this apartment, which now give interviews,” said Madyanov.

Roman Madyanov happily married for many years at the former lighting designer of the theater of Mayakovsky Natalia. He affectionately calls his wife Tolechka. They have a grown son, whose name is also Roman. Madyanov in conversation with the presenter of the program “When all houses” Timur Kazakovym remembered that at first in the apartment, which was a family there was nothing but doors. But the actor anyway, was happy: “there was nothing – the walls and doors, but there is a bathroom, and she’s not busy! Tale!” – shared the actor.