Novel Madyanov after the death of his brother healed fish

Романа Мадянова после смерти брата исцелили рыбки The actor came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Madyanov told the TV host about how to overcome alcohol addiction, as back in the movie. The artist also told how could experienced the death of his brother.
Романа Мадянова после смерти брата исцелили рыбки

Roman Madyanov first appeared in films in 1973 in the title role of Huckleberry Finn in the film Georgy Danelia’s film “Absolutely lost”. As a schoolboy, the artist went on to star in the film “Aniskin and Fantomas”, “Spring Changeling” and “brother”. Despite the early success in the profession, after graduating from the acting school Madyanov could not find work, addicted to alcohol.

In hard times, when the actor could not find work, he went on binges. About the struggle with heavy dependence Madyanov as told in the “Destiny of man” Boris Korzenkova. In recognition of the Novel, he was saved by wife Natalia.

“She just talked to me. To break through the barrier of alcohol is a very difficult task, very difficult. She found the window, suddenly, somewhere clear…. Not pushy, very clever, well she did. We were just talking about life. I don’t remember what words she brought me something. I just realized: either I break up with a man, without which life can not, or will stop drinking,” said Madyanov.
Романа Мадянова после смерти брата исцелили рыбки

The actor said that he met the husband in the theater. Soon when the girlfriend got pregnant, Madyanov insisted that she left the job. As he explained, he was calmer.

“Had to, had to have a son Romik, our beloved. I said to my wife: “is It okay if you don’t work. Moreover, here ladies and gentlemen-artists…Under the hot hand will get…” I’m going to chew on the ground, and a piece of meat to bring home!”- said Roman.

Madyanov admitted that with his wife quickly got married in a registry office, because in a hurry on the road. But the wedding the couple had in all Christian canons. “The temple was all very dignified. Were friends, we were married. When you fasten the witnesses, it is a slightly different level. You’re serious about this. My wife is great, better not. There were different periods, we all passed,” – said the actor.

Madyanov told the TV host about his friendship with Natalia gundarevoj. The actress helped Roman to the apartment. Gundareva personally went to the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and reported that the honoured artist of Russia lives in Lyubertsy. So after the show he quickly flees from the scene, he needed to catch the last bus. After loud statements of Natalia Georgievna, the government has allocated Madanova a one bedroom apartment closer to the center of the capital.

“We have very good business relation was. Natasha was a very difficult person, but she is always with respect to me. We have many performances took place together. I was her trusted partner. Natasha worked very seriously about getting an apartment,” recalled the actor.

A few years ago from the brother of artist Vadim Madyanov. Roman grieved the loss of a loved one. Now, the artist wishes he had little contact with the family and couldn’t save him.

“We actually rarely talked, rarely met. He was sort of its own separate life, their own family, and I especially did not climb, did not intervene. He had an instant stroke. He has not regained consciousness. In the last days I saw Vadim, he had a very red face was puffy. He followed the health, often went to the doctors, blood was passed, was an honorary donor” – shared Madyanov.

The actor was very upset by the death of his brother. Novel has ceased entirely to smile. Artist saved his friend colleague Fedor Dobronravov, they were neighbors in the country sites. Dobronravov brought Madanova fish, which are bred in the pond.

“He brought me several. They have me stuck. And, it’s my first time in a long time, again began to smile. It is hard sometimes to get out of this state, but you still need. What to do? Otherwise… As the tool stands, tool rust. Sometimes it is necessary to stretch in different directions,” summed up Madyanov.