Романа Курцына заставили отжаться 150 раз!
The Director is a kind of punish the actor.

Романа Курцына заставили отжаться 150 раз!

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Accepting the offer to star in the series “Queen of fitness” channel”:” Roman Curtin did not expect that behind the scenes waiting for him such severe punishment. Unlikely
whether the actor is assumed that he will have to endure something like that for real, and
not for the role. And if he didn’t have a solid sports background, would really
looked weak!

Романа Курцына заставили отжаться 150 раз!

Sports Curtin became interested
in school: wrestling, karate, kickboxing. In ninth grade, he performed
the standard of the candidate master of sports in arm wrestling and became the champion of Russia
this kind of sport. But even then it’s not going to become an athlete: dreaming
about her acting career. And when I entered the theatrical Institute, I realized that the
more able, the more will be demanded. Became a contortionist
learned flips better than Jackie Chan and sit in the transverse twine, as
Van Damme. Started trick riding and historical fencing… All of it was useful
him in the movie. He now loves sports. Three times a week I go to the gym.
Make sure to do stretching. Once a week springhouse. One day a week
the pool and one day off. On one training spend 2-2. 5 hours. If food
on the train, squeezed between the shelves…” said Curtin.

Романа Курцына заставили отжаться 150 раз!

And recently he was offered
the role of the coach in a Comedy series “Queen of fitness”, the shooting of which began
on the channel “Super”. In the center of the plot — the story of a saleswoman of ASI (Sophie Hare), which
accidentally became an employee of a trendy fitness club of premium class. It is delicious
plump and seemingly did not fit into the world of circuit training and
green smoothies. And her new colleagues did not intend to help the girl
life… “the show is, of course, is not about weight loss, and round-the-clock training.
It is primarily about love: to yourself, to life, to what you do. We
the usual us Comedy manner showing the behind the scenes world of fitness and talking about
that happiness is a value not dependent on external parameters, internal
the human condition,” — said the General producer of TV channel “Super” Edward

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  • Романа Курцына заставили отжаться 150 раз!
    Roman Curtin

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Романа Курцына заставили отжаться 150 раз!

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Романа Курцына заставили отжаться 150 раз!

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Романа Курцына заставили отжаться 150 раз!

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