Novak Djokovic angry Serena Williams

Новак Джокович разозлил Серену Уильямс

In the world of tennis one scandal follows another. Did not have time to deal with a doping scandal Maria Sharapova, broke the new gender.
It began with the tournament Director in Indian wells, Raymond Moore, who said that “women need to get on your knees and thank the Lord for such players as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer“, because it is from these men depends the development of tennis.

Новак Джокович разозлил Серену Уильямс
Of course, Moore did not remain unheard. The public forced him to regret to say and continue to think about what to say. But some players were quick to agree with Raymond than condemned himself to the hostility of the crowd. One of them is Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, who stated that I agree with the words of Moore, because it is men who move this sport forward.
“Statistics show that in the matches where they play men are always much more viewers than female. Think that’s the main reason we should pay more than women” — said the Serb.
When Djokovic said that he respects his female colleagues and admires their work because they have more difficulties than men because of “hormones” and “organism”.
Novak immediately showered with accusations of sexism, so he had to apologize to the fans in social networks. But it was not enough – his bitter resentment was expressed by the famous colleague Djokovic Serena Williams.
“I am very disappointed by the words of Novak. If I had a son and daughter, and they both played tennis, I would never opposed them, didn’t say my son deserves better than my daughter because he is a boy. I’ve been in this sport since the age of two, and can’t even imagine to say something like that.
Novak may think as he pleases, but when he will have a daughter, let them try to explain to her why her brother should get a larger salary than her, and only because he is a boy. He wants us to bring!” — said Serena.
Did not keep emotions and vosemnadcatiletnij the owner of “Grand slam” Martin Navratilova.

“Novak Djokovic definitely doesn’t understand why women should receive the same prize money as men, especially at the joint tournaments. I thought that this issue is behind us, but as you can see, no” said Martin.

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