Not zabaluesh: why celebrities raise children in severity

Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости “StarHit” found whose heirs do not know what expensive gifts and other material evidence of affection of her famous parents. And all because their mothers and fathers try to instill independent and independent personalities, and in this I see a manifestation of love.

      Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости

      Many star parents want to give their heirs all the best, Sadasiva their gifts and indulging all their whims. The reason for this often is the feeling of guilt due to permanent absence, and sometimes it is connected only with desire to please her beloved child. However, among famous moms and dads, there are those who does not allow his offspring to relax, making them work from an early age and not allowing themselves to be manipulated and to rest on laurels earned by the parents. In the compilation of “Stargate” is the only strictly star parents.


      The king of Russian pop scene Philip Kirkorov married, with two kids – his daughter Alla-Victoria four years, son Martin – three. Despite the young age of the heirs, the star father communicates with them as adults, and in matters of material goods sometimes even too strict. Despite the fact that Kirkorov is available in this life very much, he tries not to indulge, considering that Sadasiva kids, you can raise them to be greedy and lazy people. The singer repeatedly stressed that he is extremely restrained throughout. Extra dolls or cars his offspring he doesn’t buy those how would not have requested.

      Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости

      “The task is not to overwhelm them with toys, – explained its position of principle in relation to Alla-Victoria and Martin-stellar father. – They still must obtain from these toys and gifts joy, wait for them. And when everything turns to domestic squabbles and not on holidays, the main joy of children – toys – loses its meaning”.

      Well, to his heirs understood that money does not fall from heaven, and earned great difficulty, Philip had already begun to show Alla-Victoria and Martin underside of his profession. Phillip’s children were present at the casting of dancers for his new super-show “I”. And star dad plans to take the kids on tour on cities of Russia.

      Anna Sedokova

      Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости

      The former soloist of group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova never hid that tries to be for my daughters Alina and Monica’s best friend. However, sometimes Anna has to be strict, especially when it comes to eldest daughter, 11-year-old Alina. Like many parents of teenagers, Sedokova had to face the difficulties of adolescence. The girl is already manifesting a character and trying to insist on many issues, trying to manipulate a stellar mom.

      “I try not to give in and get tough, says Anna Sedokova. I always was and for mom and for dad, I have to be strict enough, even though I hate it”. Especially the relentless star mother in matters of education. Realizing that private school Alina, does not give her the level of knowledge, worthy of pursuit, a girl from a good family, star mom decided to move daughter to another school. In this case, Anna had to overcome the opposition of his daughter.

      “She perevela a bit. But I sat and talked with her, told me that hard earn money and want them to benefit not only the owners of the school Sedokova announced his position in an interview. – Ala is a good student, she’s five, seriously is tennis… But she needs an incentive, near peers who want to achieve a lot”. Greatly complicates the educational process and the fact that Alina is growing up without love and attention the father – father girls, football player Valentin Belkevich died. Girl watches as her four-year-old sister Monica pampers dad, Maxim Cherniavsky, former husband of Sedokova, and of course, she has questions. “Why should I do homework?! Monica don’t do,” says Harris about her daughter Alina. – I tell her: “you have to Learn to be responsible for your life, don’t look at others.” I think all moms go through this…”

      Vera Brezhnev

      Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости

      Another ex-member of the female trio “VIA Gra” Vera Brezhnev also tries not to indulge the whims of his two daughters and educates them so that they have grown independent people. And these methods do produce results. Eldest daughter of the singer, 14-year-old Sonia is a fully independent people and is making progress on the runway, learning to be a public person, gaining popularity among their peers in the network. Five-year-old Sarah still doesn’t even know that her mother is a star, but by the time she realizes this, the girl already will have developed inner core that will not allow her to boast of this circumstance.

      Daughter of Vera Brezhnev spoke about marriage mom

      “Little Sarah is helping us Babysitting, but raising it as we speak, – told Vera Brezhnev in a recent interview. – For example, to “please” the child nothing do not give. Whims do not tolerate”.

      Unlike many celebrities, Faith does not spend on children’s clothing huge sums, not wanting to spoil their daughters expensive clothes. “Sonya has a few things: pair of jackets, trousers, skirt and dress – basically she enough, – says the singer. – I am raising her in such a way that a woman needs to stand on its own feet and to have own funds at their whim. Even with a successful marriage independence gives you the freedom and undermines the fear of loneliness. It happens that women themselves are forced into a desperate situation, can’t leave exhausted their relationship because they are afraid to stay on the street without a penny. That’s why it should be any occupation, to feed, what if something happens”.


      Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости

      Despite the fact that two sons of the singer Natalie, according to her, is very welcome and here God’s request, the star and her husband, producer Alexander Rudin, the boys do not indulge. Gifts – only on occasions, emotions – in a fist, and no melting. Still men grow!

      “I fundamentally do not give the sons some gifts from the tour, otherwise it will become a habit, and talking with an older Passage on the phone if I am at work, respond in a businesslike tone,” said Natalie in an interview. Children of the singer – and 14-year-old Senia, and 5-year-old Roofing – already on your own experience, how hard to earn money. Terrified that her boyfriend will think, what my mother’s profession – a matter that is similar to the light entertainment, Natalie asked them to star in her video.

      And still the star is not possible in the presence of the boys to give vent to emotions, that they are not manipulating her. Even when leaving for a long tour, Natalie does not give any chances to a tear drop. “I’ve developed the proper technique of farewell, – continues the singer of the hit “O God, what a man!”. – Pity leave the threshold, otherwise the Roofing to learn to use my emotions. Mom works and not just walk left and it is necessary to inform to the child.”


      Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости

      Who would have thought that the singer Alsou, a famous romantic gentle manner, is the most strict person in his family. In her own words, she harshly disciplined and educated children. Alsu the maximum organized life daughters 9-year-old Safina and 7-year-old Mikelle: girls are music, dancing, swimming and even chess. This, believe she and her husband Jan Abramov, will have daughters a range of abilities that in the future they should be easier to choose a profession for everyone.

      “I love when children are well behaved, when brought up, but we pamper them, – said Alsu about their parenting principles. – We have grandma, great grandpa, spoil them, and the husband indulges”.

      Star mother’s never easy to make gifts. Safina and Mikell are encouraged only for specific actions and achievements. For example, last year Alsu promised to bring their daughters in Arab Emirates provided that they will complete the studies at school and music school with excellent and good grades. Parents had to keep their word, and since Safina, and Mikell coped with by a strict mother task.

      Maria Kozhevnikova

      Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости

      The mother of two sons, actress Maria Kozhevnikova believes that is important in education – not to let the children themselves to be manipulated. With this method it applies to the boys since they were born. When the oldest boy Vanya, who is now two years old, was still an infant, Mary fed him only according to the order of the day. And if the child took food after school, he didn’t get it. “Even if my son starts to cry from what she wants to eat, I’m not going to give him some slack. Because of this, I can only spoil your”, – said the actress a couple of years ago.

      Kozhevnikova believes that little children are great manipulators, and once they give up the slack, as they begin to use it. “When Vanya was just starting to walk and fell lightly on the ass, immediately looked at my reaction: I got scared or not. If seen in the eyes of the frightened, started crying and saying, have pity on. And I pretended that nothing happened. And now he is after the fall always gets up and goes further”, – told about the benefits of her method, Maria Kozhevnikova.

      That hysteria from my mother I acquire already knows and youngest son of the star, one year old Lukas. Against him in the family works in exactly the same principles, which brought up the older brother. By the way, all questions relating to the upbringing of the sons, she decides Maria. “The husband, in this respect I fully trust, says Kozhevnikov. – I’m a strict mother. We have a grandmother who spoils”

      Dmitry Pevtsov

      Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости

      Actor Dmitry Pevtsov, along with his wife Olga Drozdova I have a son Elisha, who last August was eight years old. Boy – late child of the star couple, he was born, when and Pevtsova, and Drozdova was over forty years old. The risk to spoil a long-awaited baby is very large. It is much easier to indulge the child than to force him to live by clearly-defined rules. Realizing this, Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova try not to repeat the mistakes that parents often guilty of late and only children, putting their child on the throne and fussing around him, trying to immediately fulfill every whim. Dmitry Pevtsov once admitted that he and his wife just trying to raise my son Elisha so that he felt “the navel of the earth”.

      Dmitri Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova showed the younger son

      “Of course, we have an answer of Elisha, as without it? Pampering is one of the proofs of parental love, said the actor in an interview to one of TV channels. But it is necessary to punish. We try to maintain in the time of Elisha the feeling that he is not home in this world and even in our family. By and large, I don’t care who Elisha will be when they grow up. I only wish he was a balanced individual living in the love of God and understanding that he is not the navel of the earth”.

      Alena Vodonaeva

      Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости

      Ex-participant of “House-2” Alena Vodonaeva believes that grow from a boy to a successful man is possible only through strict discipline, mode and full employment. So her five-year Bogdan resting only one day a week and the rest is engaged in English in kindergarten, gymnastics school of Olympic reserve, reading and writing – with the teacher, and in his spare time draws under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

      As they grow Bogdan mom, in her own words, plans to load it with additional options. “He is still very much to do in this life, so relax bread will be retired, – wrote Alena Vodonaeva in the microblog. – Education, knowledge, perseverance, work, education, socialization, development and much more, are for me the main objectives in the education of men, at the moment. Don’t worry, it’s not very long: first kindergarten and then school, and University with the work”.

      No concessions to Bogdan Alain does not intend to give. However, a little more and the boy will have a break. Ahead of the summer holidays – a time when mother allows son to relax a little and relax.

      Ekaterina Volkova

      Не забалуешь: почему знаменитости растят детей в строгости

      Star of TV series “Voronin” Ekaterina Volkova, maybe glad would constantly spoil my five-year-old daughter Lisa, Sadasiva her toys and pretty dresses, Yes strict dad girls won’t let her do it. The husband of the actress, dancer Andrey Karpov believes that the gifts the child needs to do as little as possible, otherwise they will be taken for granted. And children, in the opinion of Andrei Karpov, should appreciate the parents ‘ attention.

      Stellar mummy Ekaterina Volkova spends on fulfillment of desires of a little girl, while her husband tries to stop it. The only thing simply doesn’t mind dad, it’s developing toys and designers. “Kate loves to ply the daughter gifts, and I believe that to know and not everything is good in moderation, you can spoil the child, – has made its position Andrey Karpov. Kate and Lisa often together something carved, cut out different applications, LEGO scattered around the house – I think they’ll collect from him the monument. Such useful things, developing the child, you can give and more often.”


      Singer and TV presenter Lolita – mom is demanding. Her 16-year-old daughter Eva lives with her grandmother in Kiev, and not only because the star busy. Lolita impressed by the traditional education system is very demanding and teachers of the school her daughter. According to singer, the only way to achieve a decent level of knowledge, and eve knows it. If it happens to bring home a good grade on any subject, it is urgently hire a tutor: these individual classes don’t allow the student to “move out” and run down the learning process.

      Lolita does not receive from Alexander Tsekalo child support for daughter

      Lolita says that the daughter she was never spoiled, which is why she grew up the girl modest and no special requests. “I recently gave her an iPad look – and she goes with the old one. “Mommy, explains, – it has not yet failed”, – told the star in an interview. – Of course, Evie has everything she needs, but, for example, wears a jacket, bought to grow into. Runs in her third season, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Sleeves were rolled up before, and now fit. I’m against excess and teach my daughter that people who don’t work, nothing.”

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