Not relax: learn how to warm up like the stars

Не морозь меня: учимся утепляться, как звезды “StarHit” gathered the most successful versions of clothing which you will not freeze. Celebrities are eager to share own experience the selection of clothes for the winter, considering all the features of the weather. Many tips artists should take note of every fashionista.

      Не морозь меня: учимся утепляться, как звезды

      Celebrity – real people who, like everyone, looking for a way to pick up closet, which will not allow them to freeze this winter. Some representatives of show business was so in love with the “cozy” style, which strongly demonstrate it to their peers on personal pages on Instagram, thereby giving an example of how to look stylish without harm to health. “StarHit” gathered some of the basic rules of the stars that they follow, trying to warm up.


      Не морозь меня: учимся утепляться, как звезды

      Ksenia Borodina prefers to wear clothes of their own brand. Of course! After all, she created warm clothes for all occasions. Recently, the presenter demonstrated the warmed sports suit. It is possible to go on a walk with your child and meeting with my friends. Universal things – the trend this winter. That is why they are so wildly popular in our stars.


      Не морозь меня: учимся утепляться, как звезды

      Think warm dresses always make you look heavier and look antisexual? The stars of Russian show-business to prove the opposite. TV presenter Olga Buzova was able to find the ideal option: beige knitted dress with long sleeves. It looks very neat and aesthetically pleasing. Will fit nearly any Shoe. Olga decided not to change the usual style and to emphasize the femininity, picked up black ankle boots with high heels. Fashionista in the Network appreciated the way that, apparently, is destined to become the trend this winter.


      Не морозь меня: учимся утепляться, как звезды

      Recently, the singer Polina Gagarin showed his followers the “tender and soft” cardigan. In this famous beauty feels cozy and warm. Red things attracts attention, and black buttons create a “flavor”. Warm cardigan perfect for cold winter evenings. Many colleagues Pauline found at least a good options on styles and colors. By their example, they inspired a lot of girls wanting beautiful to survive this winter.


      Не морозь меня: учимся утепляться, как звезды

      The main thing is to… “turtleneck sitting” and favorably stressed the dignity of all shapes. The singer Glyuk оZa follows this principle and encouraged his followers beautiful images in a thin Burgundy sweater with a collar. Fans relished the new thing artist, they even asked where the star came to her. This is understandable: it’s a win-win for any event. One only has to add accessories.


      Sweater – a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe. It can be worn with almost any items of clothing, whether neat jeans-skinny, boyfriend, short skirt or light dress. The lead singer of “New Gem” Inna Malikov decided to wear a light sweater with beige pants and I was right – this combination has already become a classic, which, as we know, never goes out of fashion.