Не только попа: поклонники назвали грудь Глюк'оZы идеальной

The singer allowed himself to extreme neckline, and fans called her perfect bust and the most beautiful.

Apparently Gluk’oza decided to take Instagram Volochkova the title of the most shocking. The singer closeup’ll post a picture of your priests, will put a transparent negligee, now, Natalia reached up to the neckline. On the background of the “naked” outfits of the singer, even microbikini ballerina Volochkova look chaste.

Now Gluk’oza with the family is on vacation on the coast of Spain. And of course, like any girl, Natasha brought the most beautiful outfits. One such singer decided to show at night.

“Who the girl has supper, that and dances it, @chistrus, I am ready,” wrote Natasha and thus invited the wife of Alexander Chistyakov for dinner.

The dress that the star was going to a rendezvous with her husband, made the fans shock. And when the singer posted a close-up of the outfit and the main character of the frame became her chest, literally jumping out of superdragandgo neckline, the men’s part of the subscribers were deprived of sleep.

Men excitedly wrote Natasha compliments!

“The most gorgeous Breasts you perfection, goddess!”, – do not skimp on the words fans.

But the girl opposite began to grumble.

“Of course, a great figure and beautiful Breasts… But you’re a singer, you look a lot of young girls imitating your style… Why are you so? What are you teaching?”, – was indignant the part of podeschi.

However, some of the girls an example of Gluk’oza inspired. There were those who remembered that the singer’s mom and give birth to two children while maintaining a great figure is really a reason for pride. So why not showcase the beauty?

But most fans are wondering what the husband thinks of Natasha, when she sees some candid shots, puts his wife?

And the husband and not against it!

“Sasha’s not a hypocrite, he for a beautiful body, sexuality. By the way, the first dress with sweetheart neckline gave me it. I at the time of our acquaintance was walking in sneakers, t-shirts, and don’t bother what I’m wearing. Sasha made me a beautiful feminine girl. Thanks to him, I saw myself on the other hand, found out what I am a woman, and began to enjoy it,” Gluk’oza said in an interview with Woman’s Day.

Can only be glad for the singer, since your husband supports you, then no criticism is not terrible.

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