«Давно не писали про троих брошенных детей»: Алиса Аршавина заступилась за мужа Andrew and Alice Arshavin continue to prove feelings to each other, despite the criticism of detractors. This time the footballer’s wife entered the fray with followers on Instagram, proving the positive qualities of an athlete.
«Давно не писали про троих брошенных детей»: Алиса Аршавина заступилась за мужа

Now, almost two years Andrey Arshavin is married to journalist Alice Catimini. The couple have long been accustomed to criticism, and then flying to their address. Still, for the sake of new beloved player left old sweetheart Yulia Baranovskaya with her three children.

However, the 36-year-old Alice, apparently tired meekly accept the allegations of ill-wishers. The other day the journalist published another touching photo of her husband with her daughter Yesenia, Unexpectedly even this post turned out for Arshavina a lot of critical reviews. After reading another review about the fact that Andrew did not pay attention to children from a previous relationship, fiancee of a footballer unable to keep silent.

“It has begun! I think it is strange not so long ago wrote about the three abandoned. Long had to wait,” said Alisa on Instagram.
«Давно не писали про троих брошенных детей»: Алиса Аршавина заступилась за мужа

Recall that the breakup of Andrei Arshavin and Yulia Baranovskaya has turned into a real scandal. Ex-fiancee of player claimed that beloved has left her and the children without means of livelihood. Soon Julia began her career as a TV presenter, periodically telling that the father of her heirs do not communicate with them, reluctant to pay alimony and even abroad children are not let go with her mother.

The Alice repeatedly claimed that the rumors about the bad relations of Andrew with older children is greatly exaggerated. According to the journalist, Arshavin always tried to pay attention to the heirs of the baranouskaya. “We flew to the island with his children, then my said to do. And I’m with them and played, and dad was happy. Arseny was less than a year, I have lived two days. Guest Arseny was, my daughter played”— previously shared memories Kazmina.

Communicating with fans, Alice noted that her husband — a man very vulnerable and kind.

“He’s very soft. Specifically went to any conflicts with the former,” — said Arshavin.

However, the current chosen footballer do not believe everything. According to some fans of Alice disingenuous, wishing to shield the man.

By the way, just a few months ago Arshavin and Kazmina was thinking about getting a divorce because of a systematic change of the player. And yet, in the end, the couple were able to reconcile. Then Alisa confessed that incredibly loves her husband and is not ready to destroy the family. Moreover, the star couple are raising a daughter, which, according to fans, is incredibly similar to his famous father, being his favourite.

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