Не узнать: Ирина Безрукова оправдалась за увеличенные губы
The actress admitted as altered facial features.

Recently, fans have noticed the appearance of Irina Bezrukovoj changed. Fans of the actress felt that she did her “new” lips are one of star plastic surgeons. Indeed, recently, this part of the face of Irina began to look different. The doctor explains changes simply: she told me that she learned to do the right makeup, which uses a painless way to “increase” lips.

“Long time since I’ve posted a selfie. By the way, her lips in my own. By nature such. Just need to be able to paint,” he responded to the rumors Irina. Fans answer Bezrukovoj pleased, because so many stars have ruined their beauty bad “plasticity”. The most striking example is Vera Alentova, who after going to the surgeon literally became unrecognizable. Irina is recommended to follow the example of “beautiful aging” Irina Alferova.

Irina, by the way, very carefully to take care of himself. She recently completed a course of rejuvenation in the Altai. In the Wellness centre, where in recent years, frequent stars of Russian show business, she picked up a special diet and recovery procedures.