Не узнать: Галина Польских резко помолодела The photo of the people’s artist of the RSFSR on his personal page in Instagram published her colleague Alexandra Ursulyak. Fans of both Actresses wrote many reviews under the. Some confessed his love to Galina Alexandrovna, Polish, and others noticed on the face of the stars, the traces of surgical intervention.
Не узнать: Галина Польских резко помолодела

Autumn Galina will be 79 years old. The actress is remembered by the fans after roles in the films “wild dog Dingo”, “I step through Moscow”, “Loyalty”, “Journalist”, “the Waiting”… it is Worth noting that the celebrity has almost always appeared on screen in the images of positive female characters. Small audience remember the Polish after starring in a children’s comic newsreel “jumble”.

Yesterday’s photo which was published in his Instagram actress Alexandra Ursulyak, has caused much controversy among Internet users. Some members have left positive comments, others unflattering expressed in the address of appearance of Galina Alexandrovna, stating that it did not recognize the celebrity.

“What are you beauty! Both!”, “I didn’t recognize her…”, “the Legend! I love her work! Can play everything!” “You are gorgeous! And Galina Polish first and did not know. All in plastic”, “I Join!” “You’re both incredible!” – said users of the Network.

Не узнать: Галина Польских резко помолодела“I love Galina Polish!” – signed frame Aleksandra Ursulyak.

The famous actress and singer, often to the surprise of fans with its appearance. On the eve of the Larisa Dolina caused a resonance on social networks. In the Internet appeared recording frame one of the TV programs. In the photo it looks delicious. She has a smart oval face, glowing skin and bright makeup.

Fans immediately began to discuss the transformation of the beloved artist. Many netizens said that Larisa Alexandrovna is a perfectionist and can be a role model for ordinary women. The actress has repeatedly admitted that sticking to the diet, pastry Valley allows himself very rarely.

Prettier Larisa Dolina’t know fans