Not in your favor: why the pursuit of money you are risking to go bankrupt

Не в вашу пользу: почему в погоне за деньгами вы рискуете обанкротиться To quickly make each of us dreams. There are organizations that invite customers to open an account, put it on your savings and receive an instant profit. That’s only really a rapid enrichment results in considerable losses.
Не в вашу пользу: почему в погоне за деньгами вы рискуете обанкротиться

How to build a pyramid

First, the organizer finds a few people willing to invest with high profitability. For example, 100 clients agree to give 30 000, if in a month will earn 20% of this amount. As a result, the company is collecting 3 million rubles. A month later, every investor should receive for 36 000. To settle with them, the leadership of the pyramid requires 3 million 600 thousand rubles. To get the missing 600 thousand, the organizers will have to find 20 more people and convince them to invest 30 000 rubles.

If the number of clients grows, those who are the originators of the pyramid, receive the promised money. For the prosperity of the depositors of the second wave requires the following “recruits”. They need more and more, as the organizers of the structure also needs to make a profit, but still needs the revenues to the payment of bonuses (they get investors, lured into the organization of other clients).
Не в вашу пользу: почему в погоне за деньгами вы рискуете обанкротиться


If project members want ahead of time to take their money or the number of “recruits” stops growing, the pyramid totters. Funds only enough to pay off those whose turn to profit has approached. The user promises to all who remain, even more profitable or simply evades the benefits. Panic customers trying to collect money, and the organizers of the pyramid disappear with the profit.


The advantage of those who stood at the origins of the pyramids, a minor. They can only longer other to multiply savings. But the founders run the risk of much. The structure might collapse and at the initial stage of existence, as in the first months of depositors is small, and thus the output from the game several people strikes at the firm.

Those who brought savings later, likely to get the income very little. After all, this organization needs to grow. And to do it harder and harder every day, because the free money has a not too large part of the population and not all believe in a quick profit.
Не в вашу пользу: почему в погоне за деньгами вы рискуете обанкротиться


To distinguish financial fraud is simple – they always promise a high return (20 to 70% profit per month). The period of existence of the pyramid are small – usually no more than 1.5–2 years. It is impossible to obtain information about the user, and the contract for opening the account and the documents confirming the introduction of money are missing.

In exchange for the money allegedly offered securities, e.g., promissory note or certificate without going outside the company. Customers are encouraged to open savings accounts quickly, telling what amount of every minute and every hour would increase their estimated contribution.