Не по размеру! Волочкова примерила платье дочери

Ballerina boasted that you can now swap outfits with 11 years of Ariadne

The situation is familiar to most large families: small children continue wearing things older. It’s practical, and it is not surprising the public. Anastasia went on. The flamboyant dancer wears dresses… 11-year-old daughter.

About the embarrassment that occurred with Volochkova on vacation in Greece, she told the dancer on his page in the social network. “It was a funny nuance, Anastasia wrote. – Beautiful on me gown? So. Was going for lunch. Look in the suitcase is a new dress with tag Dolce&Gabbana. I couldn’t remember how I acquired it turned out to be. Allotment. Came for lunch to mommy Kerry, and the mother says in surprise, “Oh! And how is it working out for you Arishina dress?..” It turns out that a year ago she gave it to Burt Reynolds. It just hung on the hanger and very well fell into my suitcase”…

This discovery does not bother Anastasia. She decided not to return daughter new clothes, and take her. “What fell, then disappeared. It’s time to change clothes with her daughter. I Arish instead of her dress and gave a short,” – said the ballerina. Subscribers Volochkova wonder how the outfit 11-year-old could be fit high her mom? Some have suggested that the giver of the Basques is not the best way versed in women’s sizes. Others rejoiced that their young age Ariadna is very handsome. Others referred to the permanent strumienie Volochkova possible to bare feet and decided that for this purpose the baby stuff fit perfectly. Someone even joked that their minimalistic swimwear Anastasia also privatized the daughter.

By the way, unusual dress of his fans surprised Dima Bilan. The singer posted a photo of the bathroom. However, for some reason water treatments he meets naked, and the jacket on a naked torso and the pants. Conceptual…

Although not all fans appreciated the unusual Bilan More Rio no places to take notes?”, “Some weird photos, very weird, unpleasant”, “Dima specifically to lose weight to the size of this narrow bath?”, “There are so many ways to emphasize your sexuality, and it went in my opinion”.

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