Not having to get a divorce with singer Fergie, her husband has already found her replacement

Не успев развестись с певицей Ферджи, ее муж уже нашел ей замену
Josh Duhamel began Dating a young beauty.

Не успев развестись с певицей Ферджи, ее муж уже нашел ей замену

Fergie and Josh Duhamel


ACE Gonzalez


Josh Duhamel, for 8 years lived in wedlock with singer Fergie,
did not wait for the completion of their divorce proceedings. In just
a few months after the announcement that Josh broke up with his wife
the actor found a replacement for my his 42-year-old wife, began Dating a young

As it became known, 45-year-old Duhamel had an affair with 28-year-old Asai Gonzalez,
who was born in Mexico and is currently being actively removed in Hollywood.
According to available information, Josh met with the beauty of February 3,
the party held after the final of super Cup. They got to talking and started
to flirt with each other. And leaving home, I asked Aces her phone…

The last three weeks, according to the informant who told this story
reporter edition of US Weekly, the couple is almost inseparable. And when they are forced to leave
because of their Affairs, then constantly texting and call back. More
also, I have a couple of times appeared with a new girlfriend in public.

What he thinks about the behavior of their still legal wife Fergie,
unknown. However, it is known that she is not banned Josh to chat with
the only child of a pair of 4-year-old son Abslom. We recall Duhamel and Fergie started
to meet in 2004, and in January 2009, he married. Four and a half
years later the singer gave birth to a son. That they decided to leave the couple announced
in September of last year. Then Fergie admitted that she is very dismayed
the collapse of the marriage, the initiator of the completion of which was Josh.