Not beautiful, but a supermodel — Melanie Gaydos

Далеко не красавица, но супермодель — Мелани Гайдос

Далеко не красавица, но супермодель — Мелани Гайдос

Had not sweet this girl a career in modeling she never thought, because her beauty really is far from universally accepted. The girl has a rare disease, ectodermal dysplasia, it was postponed terrible mark on her appearance. Her sunken cheeks, bent nose, missing teeth and hair. Melanie was hiding from people and dreamed that her life stopped.

Далеко не красавица, но супермодель — Мелани Гайдос
This lasted 18 years right up until not understand, so continue can not. She began the search for a photographer who would be interested in the atypical model, and began boldly to look into the lens.

And further, that Melanie wasn’t expecting! She starred in the video of the German band “Rammstein”. Now the girl is 29 years old, she is a successful actress and
model, to its product page in Instagram signed by almost 200 thousand subscribers. Now fans around the world it is called not otherwise as fearless. And when Melanie Gaydos asked whether she regrets being born? The girl quietly everyone says that, of course. No, because as if everything she had, if she was the same as all?

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