«Не стыдно?»: в Сети возмущены ситуацией с «Грэмми» и Дмитрием Хворостовским
Family baritone first came to light after the funeral.

Florence Hvorostovsky with children Nina and Maxim

Photo: @flosha1 Instagram

Yesterday in new York city hosted the 60th ceremony of the award “Grammy”. It was expected that academics was posthumously awarded the statue of Dmitri Hvorostovsky. There is little doubt that the world-famous Russian baritone, will be declared the winner in the nomination “the Best classical solo album.” In this category were presented album Hvorostovsky “Sviridov: Russia to sail” written on the poems of Sergei Yesenin together with pianist Constantine Orbelian.

With the mood to win at the ceremony went to the family of Hvorostovsky. The widow of singer — Florence shortly before the ceremony he wrote in his microblog: “Preparing for the Grammys. We love you, Dima!”Along with her presentation went children: daughter Nina and son Maxim. The family of Dmitry Alexandrovich for the first time appeared in public after the funeral. But Hvorostovsky is not awarded a well-deserved posthumous awards…

In the category of best was recognized as the canadian Opera singer Barbara hannigan. The disappointment of fans Hvorostovsky no limit. And, unlike many other situations, in this case the indignation of the fans are absolutely justified. “It’s just too small of a prize for the great Dmitri Hvorostovsky!”, “Your incompetence has belittled the award”, “How can they? No other words”, “it’s a shame that the jury was so heartless. Florence and the children really need this reward,” write the fans in the microblog Florence.