Not anorexia! Revealed the secret harmony Kate Middleton

Не анорексия! Раскрыт секрет стройности Кейт Миддлтон

The secret slim figure Kate – Jogging and daily workout.

Rumors of anorexia at the Duchess of Cambridge started appearing many years ago. Stands a slender Kate to wear a slinky dress – and that’s hundreds of thousands of fans anxious: are the beloved of the Duchess of anorexia?

34-year-old Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton has always been slim and toned. Even a few hours after the birth of her second child, Princess Charlotte, she was released to reporters in such a beautiful form, if the month was preparing for publication. After the birth of her second child Middleton lost weight even more, and Western reporters literally screamed: Kate anorexia!

But one of those close to the star decided to reveal the secret of harmony Kate to dispel rumours about the disease. Mother Middleton at 60 looks great – the woman is slim and fit thanks to genes, which he conveyed to his daughters Kate and Pippa.

In addition, Catherine is a big fan of home workouts. 34-year-old mom easily makes the bar as straight and bent arms, in addition, holds it for 45 seconds and repeats in several approaches. Crossfit is another hobby Middleton. Anyway, imagine how much calories you spend each day caring and doing two children!

Over the years, Kate is so used to training that no longer appeals to the professional and responsible every morning, reports Dailymail.

By the way, Middleton have repeatedly admitted that the secret of her perfect figure that she daily runs for the kids!

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