Не как все: Криштиану Роналду с ярким педикюром

31-year-old once again surprised their fans. The network got pictures of him with an unusual pedicure.p>

Ronaldo maintained the status of an eligible bachelor and always looks perfect and dresses in the latest fashion and enjoy tanning and doing hair, and doing a manicure with a pedicure… But this time the Portuguese went a little overboard, appearing in public with a rather unusual pedicure with black coating…

Photo Ronaldo with came to visit his fan club on Instagram. Users immediately began to discuss the publication. Some noted that the black nails really go with the player and come to the way; others felt that he overdid it with the makeup; and still others insisted that it was a photoshop.

There were those who said that portugalets only used varnish, and medical ointment for nails recovery after a game of football.

“It’s not lacquer, it’s a medical thing, and he has enjoyed it for many years. Campaign, when the nail whacks… he can’t paint your nails three times in six years, and all three times black lacquer”, “for Sure it’s a special ointment to combat the infection,” they wrote in the review fans of Cristiano.

We can only guess why Cristiano was published with black nails: for beauty or for medical reasons. But even if for beauty, his right. Gel for hair styling and tanning he definitely is not on ricomincio doctors!

Do you like it when men have painted nails?

  • Very! It is beautiful
  • Yes, if the varnish colorless
  • No. A man should be a man
  • I don’t care. It is a choice each person

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