Not again and again: fans accused Kafelnikov in thinness

Не опять, а снова: поклонники обвинили Кафельникову в худобе

17-year-old daughter Yevgeny Kafelnikov rest in Sochi and shares pictures in a swimsuit.

It seems that in its 17 years of Ales Kafelnikov in popularity will soon overtake the famous father. Only in Instagram for the personal lives of girls watching almost 300 thousand people. And it is not surprising that the new images of young models in swimsuit has caused a lot of discussion on the Internet.

While some admire the beauty and harmony of the daughter of the tennis player, others worried that she, like Jolie, suffers from anorexia.

“Skinny”, “Alesia, do you even eat?”, “How much do you weigh?”, – threw review Kafelnikov.

Ales to comment on the latest allegations of thinness did not. Probably already tired. Because they appear with every new photo in a swimsuit or lingerie…

And your diet food described in detail more than once. Sometimes even, to the delight of fans, laid out huge burgers with fries.

“Not hungry. Now eat this,” wrote a girl under the cards of the restaurants. Yes, and the girl’s father Yevgeny Kafelnikov said, that carefully monitors the health of his daughter. And the rumors of anorexia started with only his jokes in one of the programs when he laughed, “daughter eats nothing”.

And I think Ales has made the father “reprimanded” for carelessly thrown phrase.

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