“Not a joke”: Gluk’oza showed traces of beatings

«Не шутки»: Глюк'оZа показала следы избиения
The singer is feeling humiliated after the incident.

Natalia Ionova

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)

Natalia Ionova scared of fans. The singer admitted that the past day was not the best in her life: on the eve of the first time she gave “the face”. In this expression, the artist was accompanied by a picture with a broken face. Ions did not specify from whom it was received a bruise on the lip, what provoked the rumors about the problems in the relationship with her husband.

“You ever hit “in the face”? I for the first time! And though the subject was inanimate! But the humiliation I still felt!! And I have experienced finally what it means “to disappoint”…” — trying to be ironic Natalia. From blow her heavily swollen lower lip, as if it increased with fillers.

While Natalia did not comment on the incident, fans can only guess about what could happen. However, their theory that she was the victim of domestic violence, is likely to be incorrect. Have Ionova with her husband, Alexander Chistyakov exemplary family relationships.

The couple have been happily married for more than ten years. And recently, the actress is thinking about adding to the family. Natalia dreams of another child, from Alexander: “My little girl grew up, and I very acutely feel that I want to re-experience the feeling of pregnancy! The second pregnancy showed me how I can enjoy this state…” While the family of the singer growing up of two girls: Lydia the ten-year and five-year-old Faith.