Nonna Grishaeva teaches children charity

Нонна Гришаева учит детей милосердию
The artist introduces children to the beauty.

Nonna Grishaeva

Photo: Philip Goncharov

“I want to have from an early age my children knew and understood the importance of helping those less fortunate in this life,” said the actress at a charity event in the house of the actor. Nonna Grishaeva admitted that he often visits orphanages and hospitals with my son and daughter. “Charity I do all my life, but I don’t like to advertise it, — said Nonna. — Nastya and Ilya go with me to places where children need psychological support and live chat. You have no idea how that changes the minds of children”.

Speaking about his own childhood, Nonna always thanked the mother.

“It is often said that to come into the profession thanks to my mother, says public. — It is in the family
was responsible for the discipline and treated me very demanding. Dad
Valentin Gavrilovich — it was endless love. I loved it
the answer, therefore consider myself a daddy’s girl. He took me to the circus
pampered… this is the parental love — when a man
gets pleasure from communication with the child. Can’t say that my dad
not participated in any of my creative quest. In the first class
played butterfly in “Fly-boldly buzzing” was my debut release on
scene. Required wings, and in those days it was impossible to buy in
store. Worked a miracle for me with dad grandma: he found and curved
hard wire, she sheathed frames transparent fabric, and then
pasted sequins. Worn wings on the shoulders with rubber bands”.