Нонна Гришаева опозорила Марию Аронову Former classmates clashed on television. Nonna Grishaeva allowed myself to remark to the Maria Aronova, reminding her of her age. But she did not remain in debt, answered, remembered how ugly behaved girlfriend once in College.
Нонна Гришаева опозорила Марию Аронову

Mariya Aronova has become the main character of the program channel Rossiya1 “Hello Andrew!”. The main issue picked the recent wedding of the people’s artist – Aronova after 20 years of marriage, married Eugene Fomin.

In order to create a real wedding celebration atmosphere in the Studio invited the girls Aronova, which was not the holiday itself. About his love to the bride, said Julia Rutberg, Maria Golubkina and Nonna Grishaeva.

Nonna and Maria were in the same theatre school, Shchukin, and shared the same Dorm room. Grishaeva, failing to cross the threshold of the Studio, immediately reminded the audience that she’s older Aronova for the whole year. Maria found this remark offensive and immediately responded, noting that it is not necessary to tell you the age of the artist all over the country.

“But why emphasize that I am worse than you look now the whole country?! Why this?” said Maria Aronova Grishaeva.
Нонна Гришаева опозорила Марию Аронову

Nonna Grishaeva only laughed in response, but Aronova has not stopped and remembered his student years. Maria told how Grishaeva appeared absolute diva – a beautiful, slender, with a MOP of luxurious hair , and set conditions for its future neighbor – men not to drive, things not to touch her. But after a week of living in the same room Grishaeva understand who’s boss.

Нонна Гришаева опозорила Марию Аронову“My name Grishaeva, tells me Nonna, lived with you in the same room in the hostel. So, after 11 do not let anyone, men are not to lead, the procedure is complete. My things don’t touch, understand?!”. I shook my head. A week later I opened the door and shouted: “Grishaeva, go clear your crumbs, a mouse!”. She still eats bread, and I have a pathological craving for purity,” said Aronov.
Нонна Гришаева опозорила Марию Аронову

In addition, Maria remembered the case of joint student life, which is not very paint nonnu. “And once in a hungry 90-th year, Grishaeva sent food, oil and fat. I said, “Let the guys in fainting fall”. And she said, “what a fool, me until March to live with it.” “Behold, God sees everything,” I said. The next day I come and Nonna stands and shouts out the window: “Bitch! Bitches!”. It turned out that hanging out the window (the fridge wasn’t) gnawed tit…”, – he told Aronov.

Nonna and Maria worked together, starring in a television Comedy sketch show “wow. Angle-show,” which often played opponents. Now honored artist Grishaeva and popular Aronova also occur on the stage native theatre. Vakhtangov, playing within the play “Mademoiselle nitouche”.

By the way, in the transmission there was a place for the main theme. Mary told why, after 20 years of marriage finally decided on an official marriage with her partner Evgeny Fomin. It turned out that to get married they advised the father that the actress confesses. Aronov admitted that the next step in their family life the couple plan to give vows to each other before God and get married.

Mary and Eugene are raising a daughter Seraphim. The Window also has a son from his first marriage – Vladislav gandrabura and granddaughter Antonina.