Нонна Гришаева отмечает юбилей на сцене
The actress starred in the play that made her husband.

Нонна Гришаева отмечает юбилей на сцене

Nonna Grishaeva

Photo: Mark Steinbock

In Theater stage the third call has sounded before
the beginning of the play “high heels”, in which the main role performed by Nonna Grishaeva. Today the actress — a benefit in honor of her birthday, she receives congratulations on the 45th anniversary. Notably,
that the directed by the husband of the star, Alexander Nesterov.

In addition to Euclid of Kurdzidis and Ivan zamotayev who won that busy
the play on the stage today, there will be other close friends Nonna: Alexander Oleshko, Alexey Kortnev and mark Tishman. The hero of the occasion and the audience for
musical surprises from celebrities.

This is probably one of the few birthdays that Grishaeva
celebrate in the capital. Usually in your personal holiday actress went to Black
sea, whose shores was born. And last year, Nonna starred in the Comedy “Day
elections-2” and also had a holiday on the water, on the ship, which sailed along the Volga.

Billboard today show

The last time the “land” birthday celebrated Grishaeva in
Moscow four years ago, when we presented his first solo album. The
the evening, by the way, on stage during the duet Nonna with Alex Kortnevym first came out
Ilya Nesterov, the son of the actress. It was pure improvisation, just the boy wanted
to come and listen to my mum, but he suddenly appeared in the center of

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