Нонна Гришаева стала выглядеть ровесницей 21-летней дочери
Anastasia, who lives in the UK, was officially an adult.

Nonna Grishaeva with my daughter Anastasia

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Nonna Grishaeva, who was always proud of his
daughter Anastasia, touching congratulated her with her birthday girl was
all grown up.

“Our daughter is 21 today! Proud of you and wish
fulfillment of all dreams,” wrote the actress in the microblog. Fans
immediately suggested that sci looks the same age as his daughter.
We will remind, Anastasia appeared in the marriage of the actress with musician Anton by Durovym.

— Nona, in this age girls often change their hairstyles, as it does
Nastya, because fall in love. She talks about her personal life?

— Prerequisites while there were not any, — said Grishaeva 7days.ru She is very passionate about his studies, and in it I recognize myself in
time student I also thought about school. But, unlike the daughter, I
still managed to fall in love. Nastya has so far never been in love. When she
was seventeen years old, I’m a little panicked about it. Said
it is better to suffer now and in time to get burned. Now I calmed down. Nastya — from
those children that ripen later, she looks fifteen years, and not on your
age. Let the girl learn and not distracted by novels. But time will tell what
to expect next…

— The conditions in which she lived in Cambridge, where he studied?

Together with other students, they rented a house, and each separate
a room with a bathroom, but the kitchen and living room shared. Nasty she cooks, but in
College it was forbidden. Security considerations in the UK
adolescents under 18 years not cooking on the stove, it’s the rules. When we
were themselves students of such restrictions have never even heard of. How do we
time spent in the kitchen in the hostel of the Shchukin theatre school! By the way,
because of this hostel, my acting career was a very big issue.
When I first arrived from Odessa on entrance exams in theater
school and my mother saw the conditions in which students live, it I
brought the car back home. And the whole year I had to persuade her. I have insisted that
will never forgive her if she won’t let me go. And my mom broke…

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