Noize MC pulled a fabulous sum for a vacation

Noize MC спустил баснословную сумму на отдых The popular musician told the cost of his travel with the family abroad. Noize MC has been in Thailand about two months. Company actor has made his wife, Anna, and adorable sons, Michael and Vasily.
Noize MC спустил баснословную сумму на отдых

Ivan Alekseev, more known as Noize MC, has recently become a guest journalist Yuri Duda, who started a channel on YouTube. During candid interviews with more than a million views on YouTube, the musician told about his recent vacation in Thailand. Star went to a distant country together with loved ones – his wife Anna and their two sons, Michael and Basil.

During the conversation with journalist Ivan told about how it looked like a normal day on vacation abroad.

“I Wake up, go and make the kids Breakfast, then we trained with them is work out for about twenty minutes. Then Breakfast, then wakes up the wife and have Breakfast with her. And then it depends on what we have planned – a trip to the sea or a day at home”, – said the musician.

The actor also spoke about the favorite hobby of children. “The eldest child is interested in chess and origami. Misha, the younger son, more punk character. He’s like, “hi, my name is Misha, I like to fight, sciatica, biting… They like Twenty One Pilots, Eminem, Guano Apes,” – said Ivan.

In turn, Yuri Dude said that in his show permanently affect the financial question and asked how much was the rest of the family Noize MC in Thailand that lasted two months. “As I understand it, is about one million rubles,” – added the journalist. The musician confirmed the assumption of the interviewer.

“Let’s say it’s a comparable amount, but, perhaps, after all, not a million. Smaller,” – said Alekseev.

In addition, Noize MC spoke about his relationship to rap battles, very popular among the youth audience. In 2013 the artist took part in the Slovo project, and then fought with hip-hop artist Harry with an Axe. Then Alekseev lost to his opponent. Since that time he prefers not to go to such events.

“I can’t explain why it was so bad. This is a very personal story. Sometimes what happens to you in the eyes of other people, is irrelevant to the fact that currently experiencing yourself. It was a hard collision…” – these words Alekseev explained his defeat made a lot of noise rap battle.