Noble: Julia Baranovskaya supported the wife of Andrei Arshavin

Благородно: Юлия Барановская поддержала жену Андрея Аршавина
Presenter sympathize with Alice.

Julia Baranovskaya

Photo: @ygemini Instagram Yulia Baranovskaya

Yulia Baranovskaya acted with words of support for the wife of Andrei Arshavin. TV presenter, learned about the announced decision of the player and his wife to divorce, wasn’t surprised. Julia from the very beginning assumed that the marriage of a football player with Alice formed not the best way.

According to Julia, all because of the character of Arshavin, who is unlikely to change. “For me a man equal responsibility. Here any other qualities he must possess. If you choose a woman and come into a relationship with her, then you have to answer for it. If you’re undecided, talk about it, be honest,” — said Julia in the show “You wouldn’t believe!”

By the way, Alice explained why at first denied breaking up with athlete and the father of her little daughter of Eseni. Wife Arshavin argues that in social networks, on its behalf, acts unknown to her people, to put it simply — “fake”. That surprised fans, because “the wife” Andrew published online a lot of family photos and revelations about the relationship with the player, who could not know a stranger. And yet Alice insists that it is preparing to divorce with Arshavin. The reason for the separation of the pair, rumored to have been cheating Andrew that his wife could not forgive.