“No wait!”: Will responded to the accusations about moving to Spain

«Не дождетесь!»: Воля ответил на обвинения о переезде в Испанию

The showman was horrified by what I saw on the Internet. And assured that he and Rosie would be unable to move, even if wanted to.

Last week reporters spent happily Paul Will Laysan utiasheva and the two children to Spain. Supposedly, a couple of so often spends time that they do not sin and move… Rumors fueled the news that eldest son Robert went to foreign kindergarten.

But as it turned out, the pair plans to know everything, except themselves. On Monday, Paul Will decided, finally, to clarify and commented on the imminent move.

“Whoa-whoa, OKS! We didn’t go anywhere!!! Will not wait. Yes, where do go from such a fun and popular attention? Again: no emigration, no permanent residence – he said, as obrazul, showman. — Oh, and for reference: with a Russian passport to leave Russia only for the duration of the visa. As one sage from installmentof: “No they’re not needed!” That’s right, my good. Anyone. We, my dear fellow citizens, happy in other countries within visas and our passports. Russian. And other passports with my beloved we have, and that is not going to, so I hasten to disappoint those who were happy for us to upset those who were indignant”.

Paul also walked and made the most of his commentators, saying that he and Rosie are not officials, and not the descendants of the Emperor, and therefore free to live as they zablagorassuditsya.

“And, in General, too, I sensation. It’s like we are a family of generals, government officials and descendants of the Emperor. And so we left the Fatherland in the most difficult moment, he continued. – Yes, and the budget money grab. And gold reserves. And the Amber room. You know who we are, and we have nothing to hide”.

Rosie on the news to react does not become. Apparently, giving Pasha the opportunity to deal with an unpleasant situation.

Recall the news about the imminent move of the pair appeared with the filing of their friends. They reported that Spain is perhaps the only country where the stars would like to live. Unlike Russia, where the warm climate. In Moscow, according to the insider, the couple had planned to come only for business.