«Никаких сожалений», — Анджелин Джоли дала откровенное интервью о личной жизни

Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie has admitted that cried, seeing the eldest son to study in another country, and also said sorry about the past.

«Никаких сожалений», — Анджелин Джоли дала откровенное интервью о личной жизни

In an interview with a foreign publication “The Interview People” Angelina Jolie said about the bitterness of parting with his eldest son Maddox, who went on to study in South Korea. According to the actress, she couldn’t hold back the tears.

— I cried and cried. And Maddox, he’s so sweet and caring. He gave me a hug. Hugged. Did not hesitate. There were lots of people. And sat me down. “Mom, all right, I’ll be fine…” he repeated. You know, I suddenly realized that our relationship was at a turning point. The son became an adult! If I cared about him, worried that he was all right, but now Maddox is concerned. Now he is worried that mom was fine. And I felt immediately lighter — sincerely told Jolie.

The actress said that he is very proud of his adopted son, as he became an adult and independent, he was able to choose University and profession, and to enter.

— He chose the University. This Jons in Seoul. Chose subject — biochemistry. I confess I don’t understand. And I am proud that Maddox is independent and very smart. Honestly, it amazes me how smart he is. And he is ready for adult life, — said Angelina.

Even the famous mother and sad for the eldest son not to fall into despair, it helps the love of her other children.

«Никаких сожалений», — Анджелин Джоли дала откровенное интервью о личной жизни

Five Junior won’t allow it. Besides our house in Cambodia just six hours away from Seoul. It’s been a few days… Damn! You’ve opened my soul. Maddox requested that I visited him every week. I feel ready to jump on a plane. Okay, a little stand for it. The kids always say what a great University chose their older brother. And proud of Maddox — says Jolie.

Add, recently in the advertising campaign of the perfume “Mon Guerlain” the actress showed her house in Cambodia. According to Jolie, she bought it 17 years ago. Since celebrity began to actively fight for the welfare of this country. As you know, Jolie is a goodwill Ambassador for the UN. In Cambodia it is against the illegal logging of forests, mining precious stones, as well as poaching.

— Cambodia has experienced so many difficult years, and is still trying to recover, but the people here are so beautiful and so strong. We wanted to be a part of to help the country to move forward, – said Jolie.

Also during the interview, Angelina Jolie said that is not afraid to be outspoken and to talk about their warm feelings for children. In her opinion, it’s not going to shake her image of a strong woman.

— Know different events in my life opened me to unexpected character traits. I was very surprised. Yes, I had to fight. At first it was self-assertion in Hollywood, where everyone thought of me as the daughter of a famous actor (father of Angelina — Jon Voight, a famous actor — ed.). Then personal problems. Then the children. Six kids is serious. And I can’t call myself the perfect hostess, and your house model. But not long ago I suddenly realized that deep within me lies a softness and vulnerability. And these qualities stronger and increasingly manifest themselves, no matter how I tried to suppress them. And I suddenly wanted to allow herself to be soft. But I was afraid it would hurt not only me, but also for children. I didn’t have enough support. Maddox gave it to me, opened to journalists Jolie.

Gently the actress behaves in the upbringing of children. She does not forbid them all, fostering a sense of freedom.

…I allow them a lot of leeway. But, on the other hand, giving them the freedom, every time I remind you that every opportunity should be used as much as possible, — pootkrovennichal Angelina.

We will remind, the actress have six children, three of whom are adopted.

The actress noted that accepts with gratitude all that was given to her fate, and would not want to change the past. It made her who she is now.

— I am not one of those people who would like to change the past and lament about mistakes made. Any person is the result of correct and wrong decisions taken by them before. I am no exception. There were many mistakes. But they have shaped me for who I am. And I’m ready to repeat each of them. Even their tattoos (laughs). So no regrets. It’s very important for children. Parents always serve as an example for them. Whining is a bad example. Recognized himself as a failure — even worse — said Jolie.

Recall now continues the difficult divorce process between Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, which began in 2016. After a great love, celebrities are unable to disperse peacefully and to equally divide the time on kids.

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