No mercy: Justin Theroux swore at brad pitt

Ни капли жалости: Джастин Теру обматерил Брэда Питта
Spouse Jennifer aniston hurt going through hard times brad pitt.

Ни капли жалости: Джастин Теру обматерил Брэда Питта

Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston

Ни капли жалости: Джастин Теру обматерил Брэда Питта

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Justin Theroux appeared on their own inadvertently embroiled in another Hollywood scandal. The other day my husband Jennifer aniston photographed and published by graffiti on one of the walls of his native city. One of the other obscene statements on image, written in small letters, was addressed to… brad pitt. Keen followers of the microblog Theroux, saw that and made the actor a real hunt, saying that pitt and so now have a very easy, and then there’s Justin with his bullying.

Photo: @justintheroux Instagram Justin Theroux

Theroux himself quite quickly responded to fans spotted the phrase in the caption to the picture added: “I’ve never hinted. Because I’m not eleven years old!” But raised a wave of indignation not gentlemanly wife aniston could not be stopped. Pitt fans are confident that Theroux has insulted pitt intentionally. However, Theroux probably not really planned such an ugly trick. Incidentally, Jennifer and Justin behave with dignity and not yet made one poignant statement about the scandalous divorce Jolie and pitt.

Recall that Angelina and brad have now sent all their forces to speed up the divorce process. Couples in a hurry to sell jointly purchased housing. The sooner a couple can solve the financial side of the divorce, the faster, Jolie and pitt will officially be free. By the way, the issue of child custody spouse is still not closed.