Больше не сестры Грин: Дженнифер Энистон и Риз Уизерспун снова воссоединятся на телеэкранах

Famous Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston and Reese Witherspoon starred in a joint photo shoot on the occasion of the premiere of their new series “the Morning show”. His audience will be able to see on the streaming service Apple TV+.

Больше не сестры Грин: Дженнифер Энистон и Риз Уизерспун снова воссоединятся на телеэкранах

It’s been 15 years since that time, as Jennifer aniston and Reese, Withersoon worked together in the television series “Friends”. Yes, Yes! Who does not remember, Withersoon played a spoiled sister Rachel — Jill green, who had a short affair with Ross.

Больше не сестры Грин: Дженнифер Энистон и Риз Уизерспун снова воссоединятся на телеэкранах

But now is not about “Friends”. After it became known that one of the main beauties of Hollywood are back for the common project of the series “the Morning show”. In connection with the premiere of the actress graced the cover of foreign gloss “Entertainment Weekly”. And 50-year-old aniston, and 43-year-old Witherspoon look simply breath-taking!

Fresh photos of Actresses appeared on the official page of the gloss in Instagram. It’s hard not to notice that celebrities for the sake of the series changed her image. If before Jennifer and Reese was blonde, but now their hair color is darker which gives the image of greater severity. Dressed star is also quite strictly, in the style business. So, aniston is on the cover posing in a classic grey jacket and with a discreet makeup, hair actress a few shades darker than usual shade. Reese Azersun, which is in the photo standing behind Jennifer, hugging her shoulders, posing in a black Golf. Hair, the actress is now a rich chocolate brown.

Fans have already noted that celebrities and really like, like sisters. Especially similar the Actresses eyes: and Reese and Jenn they’re blue.

Больше не сестры Грин: Дженнифер Энистон и Риз Уизерспун снова воссоединятся на телеэкранах

While shooting 50-year-old aniston admitted that the shooting of “the Morning show” has given her the hardest.

Is one of the most difficult works that I had. I knew I was up to the task, but had to dig within themselves to reflect the complicated inner world of my character. She’s probably the path of life. After filming some scenes it seemed that at me the roof goes, — admitted the actress.

As previously reported, Apple plans to remove 2 of the season, each of which will be 10 episodes. The series will be broadcast only on the streaming service Apple +. The premiere is scheduled for November 2019, but the shooting became known in July 2017.

— There’s something bulletproof in the morning show, says Reese Witherspoon. — They are an integral part of American culture. In the end, every day millions of Americans Wake up the Today show or other programs where they meet some familiar faces they trust. When you brew your morning coffee, they tell you the latest news from the White house. When you choose clothes for the day, they tell you what the weather will be. And when you are preparing to leave, you amusing anecdotes about the most trendy viral videos on the Internet.

— These shows are one of the latest programs in the country that still remain vosstrebovan in Los Angeles and new York, as well as in des Moines and Mississippi — says the Executive producer of “the Morning show” Michael Ellenberg.

Michael Ellenberg brought the idea of a “Morning show” Reese Witherspoon, with whom he worked on “Big little lies,” and Jennifer aniston in late 2016.

I told him that I might return to television, because the idea was pretty good — says aniston.

In August 2017, Actresses and creators of the series met with Apple.

Additionally, the company Apple is now beginning to create TV shows. In March 2019 technical center announced that included in streamingby the world. Apple launches its platform — Apple TV +. This news is so badly kept secret that you might think that it’s the nuclear codes … or the next iPhone.


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