“No longer a lady…” Untidy Renata Litvinova shocked fans

«Больше не леди...» Неопрятный вид Ренаты Литвиновой шокировал фанатов
The image of a star ridiculed.

Renata Litvinova

Photo: @renatalitvinovaofficiall Instagram Renata Litvinova

Renata Litvinova for a long time was regarded as the standard of femininity and elegance. But since then, the style of the actress has changed: she began to experiment with images. For example, yesterday, she showed the fans, the way you dress in everyday life. The picture has caused ambiguous reaction of the subscribers to the star…

The appearance of Renata left fans with many questions: they did not approve of the combination of sports clothing with heels and a complete lack Litvinova makeup called “traces of a hangover”. “Shoes and tights with sports costume… We lose Renata…”, “Harried… Not like Litvinov, whom we know”, “I don’t know anyone! And sport it with heels too! Although I love the images of Renata, but this murder out there!”, “You would see on the street — would have thought the homeless”, — write fans. However, Renata was fashionable defenders, who unanimously expressed “for” a new image of a star.

Meanwhile, many fans can not forget Renate scandal that happened on the set of the show “Minute of fame”. Then, together with Vladimir Pozner, she harshly criticized the performance of the dancer Evgenia Smirnova.

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