Нетиевский о выигранном суде над «Уральскими пельменями»: «Они зарабатывают деньги на конфликте» July 31, former Director “the Ural pelmeni” Sergey Nitievskiy won another lawsuit from former colleagues. Now a businessman celebrating a victory and intends to recover from the opponents a large sum for legal costs.
Нетиевский о выигранном суде над «Уральскими пельменями»: «Они зарабатывают деньги на конфликте»

For many months of continued judicial epopee of the team of KVN “Ural pelmeni” with the former Director Sergei Nitievskiy. July 31 was held a regular meeting in which a claim against the ex-producer of comedians have been rejected.

The speech, incidentally, was about the serious amount of 39 million rubles. So much, according to calculations of the “Ural dumplings”, owed them Nitievskiy. Himself Sergei was able to prove in court that the above amount was spent on props, makeup and organization of the concerts from 2012 to 2015.

Now Sergey is celebrating long-awaited victory, but still agreed to find the time to comment on the situation.

“Today there was an appeal and the second instance confirmed the absence of grounds for a discussion of my activities producer, thanks to which “the Ural pelmeni” and has become a favorite show for millions of fans. In my opinion they forgot what it was before 2009. And this eternal conflict when actors with the advent of popularity begin to believe that they did it all themselves without a producer. We were confident in our position, because neither legally nor morally were no grounds for claims against us! It is an empty futile attacks on me, fueled by the representatives of the “Dumplings”, who earn money by fanning the conflict with me,” — said Sergey “StarHit”.
Нетиевский о выигранном суде над «Уральскими пельменями»: «Они зарабатывают деньги на конфликте»

Nitievskiy does not deny that he had long since tired of the courts and considers all the accusations of his former colleagues in the address groundless. In connection with court proceedings, Sergei suffered significant financial losses and now intends to collect them from “the Ural pelmeni”. It looks nice on the costs computed in the hundreds of thousands of rubles.

“I will not become richer from the money, but my former colleagues must feel the absurdity of their attacks and demands to me, and to pay the costs if they decided to play this game! I hope they will understand the absurdity of their situation in order to save his Director Orlova E. A., who made a number of illegal actions and brought the assets in excess of 330 million rubles from the company “idee fixe media,” said Nitievskiy.

Previously, Sergey has repeatedly accused Evgeny Orlov in fraud in especially large size and now intends by all means to prove his innocence.

Opponents Natascha have remained silent so far, but it is possible that they will decide on the next appeal. Fans of “Ural dumplings” for a long time waiting for the judicial squabbles will end, and their idols will be able to return to work full time without the distraction of litigation with a former Director.

Recently there were even rumors that one of the most successful teams of KVN breaks up and rapidly leave the team. However, comedian Julia Mikhalkov hastened to dispel the rumors, noting that they still have many unrealized plans, and therefore, the closure of the project may not be considered.

But Sergei Nitievskiy sure that the endless and baseless accusations against him of working against the “Ural dumplings.” “This new lawsuit, as previously filed addressed to lawsuits, not that other, as attempt to slander me, to enter the public and law enforcement authorities to mislead, to create a negative background in the media, exhausting me by the courts and thereby try to escape responsibility. I am convinced that such an empty and hopeless insults to my character rather working against the team and the image of the show,” said the ex-Director of the “Ural dumplings.”

Sergey Nitievskiy about “the Ural pelmeni”: “They will be ashamed”