Ninth-from Sterlitamak tried to commit suicide after the arranged fire

Девятиклассник из Стерлитамака пытался покончить с собой после устроенного пожара Guilty of the incident the student was planning an attack. According to information from law enforcement, Tom T. was educated in a special class because he had problems with mental development.
Девятиклассник из Стерлитамака пытался покончить с собой после устроенного пожара

In Sterlitamak the student of 9th class school №1 with a knife attacked children, and then set the fire and tried to commit suicide. In the early morning Artem T. came to school with machetes. 17-year-old guy attacked a classmate and teacher Catherine Persino. Then it spilled in the Cabinet flammable liquid and lit it on fire. When this student tried to commit suicide. At that moment the fire alarm went off. Another student of the school of fear jumped from the second floor. Four people, including the attacker, were taken to local hospitals.

Other students at the school were evacuated. Later the Investigative Committee of Russia has informed that criminal case “on the fact of negligence (part 2 of article 293 of the criminal code), committed by officials of the prevention of offences of minors”.

The school said that Tom T. had mental retardation and was trained in special ed. Eyewitnesses recounted how it all happened.

“In the study of Informatics, what happens is that one student of 9 “G” class brought gasoline and set him on fire. So no one would know, he decided to kill classmates and a teacher with a knife. He was stopped by his classmates. But before that she asked me not to kill them. The student closed it. He became a teacher to jump, threatening with a knife. It jumped off. At this point, a student in my class out of the gym. She saw someone fell from the second floor. She ran to us and said about this situation. We Packed up and went out the back entrance of the gym. And we saw on the second floor burn room. We were told to go in the fifth gymnasium. There we sat hour. And we go home. That’s what happened to us”, – shared students.

Presumably, Tom had planned the attack at the beginning of this year. In the Network appeared his correspondence with a friend, whom he told how he was tired of classmates. Another friend of the guy with whom he corresponded on the Internet, said that he was attracted by the weapon.

“He told me that learning to make bombs at home, I thought it was strange. Remember “Columbine” — he bought boots and a raincoat. I did not pay attention to it. He did not seem to me inadequate. He loves melee weapons, and offered to give me the knife. We learn in different schools, met on the Internet. He said that he was abused,” – shared the girl with the journalists.

Artem T. grew up in a complete family, the police did not stand.

According to the materials of Telegram channel Life Shot and RT.