Nino Ninidze: “the Husband insisted on my participation in “the Voice”

Нино Нинидзе: «Муж настоял на моем участии в «Голосе» Kirill Pletnev was the initiator of that wife has sent a request. Actress Nino Ninidze shared fears and dreams associated with a musical contest. The actress admitted that she wants to be in the team to Dima Bilan.
Нино Нинидзе: «Муж настоял на моем участии в «Голосе»

Today, the sixth of October, the First channel shows the next qualifying round of the popular show “the Voice.” The contestants will appear in front of Dima Bilan, Pelageya, Leonid Agutin and Alexander Gradsky to showcase their singing talents in “blind auditions”. Actress Nino Ninidze is also intended to get into one of the teams mentors. She shared with “StarHit” experiences before going on stage and that made her come to the music competition.

“It wasn’t my idea, and my family. I watched the draft, but never seriously thought about participation. The initiator was the husband, I was his submission took this step. He’s here supporting me. Said, “You’re the Queen!” – admitted Nino. – I was supposed to speak last year, but before I go on stage announced that all commands typed, so I was automatically invited this year.”

Now Nino Ninidze and her husband Kirill Pletnev raised a son, who in December will be two years. The artist manages to combine a variety of shooting projects with care of the baby and the family.

“Last year, at the time of filing, the child was only four months. Then it seemed that the project I needed – I wanted to win myself. I have learned to combine work and child rearing in such cases, help my mom and nanny” – said Ninidze.

For the qualifying round of the famous actress chose the song “One and the same” group of IOWA. The actress admitted that her performance of the song different from the original. According to the artist, that’s why the editors of the musical contest insisted on this song.

“I’m very excited – I have extensive acting experience onstage, played in musical theatre. Of course, there I was singing on behalf of the hero, but here I need to show yourself as a person. Affects the nerves that have to wait long for their turn, but try to collect and preserve strength,” – said Nino.

Ninidze said that he had met on “the Voice” this year, many of his colleagues and friends. The actress admitted that is not afraid of competition. “Voice” is so good that it takes into account the individuality of each, but not as much as in the theatre or to the cinema. When you go to audition, you know, what the right type and that there are three or four Actresses the right way,” says the actress. “6”: which stars went on to conquer the mentors of the new season

Nino admitted that he wants to create a group and write your own songs. The artist wants to occupy a niche in the music industry and believes that she needs to unleash their creativity in this direction. However, the contestant is eager to get into the team for the pop artist.

“I, as a fan of Dima Bilan, who listened to all his albums, I would like to see him as his mentor. I like how it works. Of course, I’ll be happy, if to me will turn whoever it was, but of course will give preference to Bilan, because I love him since childhood,” dreams Nino.