Нина Усатова научила молодых артистов целоваться Russian dance ensemble “birch”, a recognized national treasure, which this year celebrates 70-year anniversary. For more than semicentenial history of the existence of the team of the famous mystery floating step was not disclosed. However, the creators of the show, which goes on the channel “Russia 1”, still tried to solve the riddle.
Нина Усатова научила молодых артистов целоваться

Amazing coincidences

Casting in the project, which created the production company “Russian”, was serious. However, the producers and could not imagine that, selecting the actors who will be in the top ten in all senses.

Several of the heroes were directly connected with the famous team. It turned out that Maria Poroshina, who plays the mother of one of the main characters, the father of 10 years, sang in “birch” and Alexei Serebryakov danced mother-in-law.

“This is the only case when I agreed to star without reading the script, – shares with “StarHit” the actor. – Because mother-in-law worked all his life in the “birch” and my wife grew up behind the scenes. So I was out of options. My hero doesn’t dance. But even if I had to do it, I wouldn’t mind”.

Glitter pop

The frame will sound the voice of the ex-soloist of group “Roots” Alexander Astashenka that has played a pop singer named Larin. Originally his image was copied from Valery Leontiev.

“I watched the speeches and interviews of the artist, – says Alexander. Even took it for a curly wig and hoping that I’ll have a shiny suit. But in the end the image Larina turned collective. Especially for a film written several hits in the 80s that I do.”
Нина Усатова научила молодых артистов целоваться

Help masters

The role of the main character – Lena – starred the actress of the Alexandrinsky theatre Olga Bobkova, which was formerly a ballerina. When Olga called her agent, she didn’t believe that it will be in the frame next to such luminaries as Usatova, Serebryakov, Efremov…

“At first I was extremely nervous, – said Bobkov. – Because most artists had only seen on TV. In reality, they were empathetic and helped and shared secrets of skill. For example, Nina Usatova explained that kissing on the screen need not, as in life, and more theatrical. My partner and I Michael Wheat have adopted her method. And Maria Poroshina, the mother of my heroine, was treated as a daughter, was allowed to speak and not pull attention to themselves.”

The film was shot in Moscow and Yaroslavl. As consultants were actual participants of the ensemble “birch”.

“Especially for us, they danced without skirts, and I almost understood the technique of the movements,” – says Bobkov.