Nina Dobrev took a break in the relationship with Glen Powell

Нина Добрев взяла перерыв в отношениях с Гленом Пауэллом

As reported, 28-year-old actress Nina Dobrev and 29-year-old actor Glen Powell decided to take a break. Insiders claim that the couple does not separate, but clearly, that their relationship had recently cooled.

Нина Добрев взяла перерыв в отношениях с Гленом Пауэллом

“Officially, Nina and Glen broke up, but they took a break in their relationship. Nina’s a piece of work, which takes her a very long time. They Glen has long been seen rarely since the end of the summer,” said a source.

The other source says that between the couple there were no quarrels and they continue to get along very. “Glen does not take offense and not make trouble. He always tries to smooth over the situation and not to bring the case before the conflict. Nina and Glen still see each other, but their feelings have cooled. And the reason is busy schedule of both,” says the source.

About the relationship of actors Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell became known this summer, when in a network there were photos of them together. Before the actress met with Austin Stowell, the cause of the breakup, which became the employment of both. The longest relationship, which lasted three years, began with a colleague on the series “the vampire Diaries” Ian Somerhalder. Now Ian is married to Nikki reed.

By the way, Ian and Nikki are all excellent and they even find time for charity and help our younger friends. On Thursday, the ninth of November, the 38-actor Ian Somerhalder and his 29-year-old wife actress Nikki reed visited the film festival in NAPA, California. The output of the pair was on the occasion of awarding Jameson Ranch Animal Rescue Humanitarian Tribute for his great contribution to help the animals. After the event, Ian shared his emotions on instagram, exposing a very nice photo where he is hugging a boar named Mr. Moo. “I love this little man. Thank you Jameson Ranch Animal Rescue for the honor. Your hard work and compassion truly magical. Nikki, Fund Ian Somerhalder Foundation and I can’t wait to start to cooperate with you. Thank you Napa Valley Film Festival for your spirit and the creation of such a large space for cinema,” signed photograph of the actor.

This is not the first time a couple attends the ceremony in honor of the protection of animals. In the spring Ian and Nikki attended a gala evening hosted to attract attention to the problems our little friends. In the evening it is many stars who are not indifferent to the fate of animals. They are trying to help the animals and try to attract the attention of the public. Actors and public figures spoke in support of animals, and famous artists performed their hits. Singer Kesha came on the scene, that would fulfill meaningful for her song Till it happens to you. The singer is not by hearsay knows about the abuse, she pleaded with her producer Dr. Luke, who forced her to have sex. Performing the song, Kesha said a little speech. “I want to dedicate this song to every man, every woman, every child and every animal with whom ever mistreated,” says the star.