Nikolay Sobolev: “All bloggers – hypogamy”

Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры» YouTube star talked about the first video, according to colleagues from the ratings and the resonance part in a TV show. Recently Nikolay Sobolev can be seen more often on television. The idol of young people told “StarHit” about why he needs it, and remembered the early career Network.
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»

On June 14 around the world celebrate the international day of blogger. For this reason “StarHit” talked to YouTube star Nikolay Sobolev, the audience of the channel which has over three million subscribers. A resident of St. Petersburg has not only told people about his first roller and activities of the project Rakamakafo social experiments, but also the participation in the TV show, but also the attitude to popularity. More recently, Nicholas increasingly appearing on television: he called for the shooting of such programs as “Let them talk” and “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”. In addition, Sobolev tries himself in the role of facilitator can be seen in the live discussion platform “Media Club Cloud”.

Did you yourself, that will become a blogger?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»When I first started to do it, then hoped for the best result. Helped me believing in myself, as in any endeavor. Also I am very responsible approach to this matter, so other options were not… the Most important thing in videoblogging is performance. Now anyone can become famous, the main thing is to be willing to devote a sufficient amount of time. —
Who else have you wanted to be before I achieved success online?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Me came to mind thought about, to something to remove, but I assumed that my destiny will develop differently. I had other plans, which, fortunately, was not implemented. I am very pleased how it all came together in the end.
What were the plans if not a secret?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»I was going to be a singer – at one time even acted on stage and had intended to develop in this direction. But everything was very ambiguous and unclear. It is very difficult to start a career in show business, being a “nonama”, and a large percentage of the fee goes to the producers, in addition, considerable sums are spent on promotion of the product… it Works, on the contrary, is the one who does everything himself, and he doesn’t need the producers to start a career. He can move forward and increase the number of subscribers exponentially.—
Nevertheless, you studied at the faculty of Economics and management. Why there? How useful is this knowledge in your craft?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»No, I don’t do anything (laughs). In the selection of the faculty and the University went with the flow – when I entered the University, many decided to study Economics. Can’t say I’m a good specialist in this field, could, perhaps, be so, but I was not interested. The last two courses in General almost was not studied, although he graduated with good grades. Then all time was spent on shooting social rolls, which we then engaged in the project Rakamakafo (Nicholas started his career together with a friend in Armenia – Note). Therefore, before graduation, I very often came to class together with the television crew of some TV station, who filmed a story about us.—
Do you remember how much your first movie and he even starred?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Of course. We have very little invested in Rakamakafo – in its entire history, had spent about one hundred thousand rubles. The first camera was worth eleven thousand it, by the way, I bought, and it was my first investment in the project, we used ordinary buttonhole for 2 000 and recorder for 2400 rubles. Then our Guram financial situation left much to be desired, but we had ideas and mad desire to remove. Each of our videos we put on eight days.—
As on your infatuation react parents?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»The first three weeks I didn’t say anything, but then found out. Of course, they supported me… Although I remember there was one contradictory situation where we were put overnight in the bullpen. At the moment parents are quite skeptical about my work, asked if I was going to do in the future. I said I would, and over time they have ceased to ask such questions. Now, after some time, they are my most loyal fans. —
At what point did you feel that became popular?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»When people started to come and ask for a photo. Then came the realization that this is all beyond the Internet and acquires a real shape. It happened fairly quickly – two months after project creation.
I guess it is hard when you keep getting asked about the joint photo…
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»I can’t say that he was tired, but, on the other hand, of course, there are moments that strain. For example, sometimes when I sit in a cafe and eat, can come a large crowd of folks asking about pictures of the here and now. And this is very strange, always want to say: “Guys, can’t you just wait a moment”.—
Do you have any crazy groupies, literally not giving you a pass?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»No, I’m more very loyal fans who always attend all the meetings and sometimes find themselves in the most unexpected places. So, recently, I attended a private event – gave a lecture at the University of his girlfriend Pauline. To my surprise there came one fan. In some incredible way she was carrying control and sat in the front row, much to my surprise. Another is such that a lot of writing, but when fully immersed in the work, don’t pay attention.—
And you yourself what bloggers are you following?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Can watch the Versus channel Battle, the rollers project NEMAGIA, interview with Yuri Dude. I love reviews where people Express their opinions. I do and did because I liked it… in General I’m not very interesting to dive into the activities of bloggers. Not that I praise myself, but I find it extremely difficult to do – almost any video I open on YouTube, don’t search through. —
Lately you began to take part in a TV show. If you watch them yourself?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»To be honest, no. Only recently, for example, learned that TNT is the project “Improvisation”, I was told that it very popular. generally speaking, now TV is committed to change its format, but it significantly lags behind modern trends. On the canals virtually nothing is “fresh”, many continue to do what it was five or even ten years ago – the same non-changing scenarios. It is therefore not surprising that today’s youth are not interested to watch these programs.

At the same time you can see in the programs as guest and expert…
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»First, it is interesting for the personal experience. It is unlikely I would watch “Let them talk”, but to participate in it was informative. Secondly, of course, is rating. Every run – of hypoor, chasing down views. Thirdly, I want to Express my opinion. Everyone knows that in modern colloquial programs in the analysis of different things, strange things happen – guests shouting, there is no constructive. So its really sometimes want to make. When I agreed to attend the filming of a talk show, I was very excited to be able to embody their ideas into reality. —
Do you remember how you got subscribers after the first issue “Let them talk”?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»The wording of the question I understand that we are talking about television, but actually my audience increased only after the resonance of the theme (the story of Diana Shurygina Approx.) aviruses on the Internet. I was on five programs of “Let them talk”, including the radio, dedicated blogger Nastia Shpagina, but subscribers became more after only one edition. It can be concluded that the talk shows don’t increase the rating on the Network… But in General, when only began a discussion of the history of Diana Shurygina for the month came to me one million seven hundred thousand people. —
What do you think, does the talk show their characters?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Hard to talk on such topics. I think that in so far as, after all, the main goal of any program is rating. I’m not familiar with people whom they really helped, so I can not with absolute certainty to think about that. At least the TV show is forced to speak about any problems, lifting them and showing to a wide audience. Heroes can overcome their difficulties due to resonance, for example, after the broadcast program with Nastya Spagina was filed, which is now engaged in the Investigative Committee.—
Shooting what program do you remember best?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Live with Diana Shurygina, when she began to aggressively argue with the experts, the program on Spasinou Nastya, thanks to the woman in red, Anna Grachevskii. It’s always fun watching these freaks live. In General, all transmission remember. —
Do you follow the fate of Diana Shurygina?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Not very interested in that, as far as I know, she was in a psychiatric hospital. Now she seems to again trying to catch the hype to about it, no one forgotten. The fact that it has become popular throughout the country for two weeks, is shocking. On the other hand, it was forgotten as fast as learned. In any case, that popularity strongly affects the psyche.
Esters with Shurygino have an influence on your opinion about this story?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»No, I had a clearly defined position, and it never changed. I still stand by my opinion and I am sure that she participated in the program for the sake of ratings, not to tell his story.—
You are so much involved in different programs. Could you be leading?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Elementary. Just recently I had a live half hour format talk show, which was also attended by other popular bloggers (issues are published on the YouTube channel “Media Club Cloud” – Ed.). They will come out regularly, in the course of these broadcasts, we intend to discuss important social topics, for example, how should regulation of the Internet. —
I wonder if you thought about how to retire videoblogger?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»No, I think this is the future. I have achieved all that we have now, with the help of videoblogging. However, in this area you can still grow and grow. So I can say that I have to move on.—
Then what would you like to achieve ideally?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»You always want to make the most of. If the digital equivalent, then enter the number of the sign and viewing help. In addition, I would like to raise the level of production to a team of people to help me with the project. So far, I’m doing everything myself. From this you need to gradually move to doing something more ambitious. —
Going back to what you dreamed of becoming a singer… Now many bloggers try their hand at music, are you going to please fans of his track?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Plan. Most likely, something will release this year.—
How to relate to the activities of colleagues, who conquered the music industry?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Most are very mediocre, but sometimes I wonder. I perfectly relate to the work of Eldar Garajova, I like some of the tracks Yury Khovansky. But, by the way, the vocals are one of the most popular videoblogger is not engaged in, all of their music is to rap.—
So you have an emphasis on vocals?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»This is what I can and what I have been doing a large amount of time. So why not prove yourself in this field. On my channel I have submitted a few covers, including Nirvana and Michael buble. My audience welcomed them very warmly.
If you continue to talk about those who decided to try his hand in music, among them, no doubt, is part of Olga Buzova. Her work is now being actively discussed…
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»It seems to me that this is a well-known fact – Olga Buzova not singing, but her songs helps to record Elena Temnikova (laughs)… you Have to understand that this is a commercial mass product for the sake of promoting their name. There is no creativity. —
Yet, by the way, recently the blogger Yuri Khovanskii and Dmitry Malikov surprised a song together “Ask your mother”. What do you think about such a Duo?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»The same day I wrote the Director Dmitry Malikov and offered to write a joint track, I’m not against it. But I have very little free time. Due to the tight schedule even interviews are hard to give – you have to do it over the phone. —
How do you rest when falls free time?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»I play the Board game “Alias” with friends. It is almost my only time. I Usually edit and write scripts, going to meetings or negotiations, and if it doesn’t, then you can go out to eat. In fact, this is the reason I still have not started a vlog – my life is very monotonous (laughs). —
How much time is spent on the preparation of a movie?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Three hours on the script, forty minutes to record and eight hours for installation. —
Quite a lot… On the road to Moscow, by the way, also leaves a decent amount of time. You’re not thinking about how to move the capital from St. Petersburg?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»This will inevitably happen next year. As soon as my girlfriend finishes University.

As it relates to your constant travel?
Николай Соболев: «Все блогеры – хайпожоры»Skeptical. Feels very strongly about, even if I leave for the day. —
Does Pauline she start their own channel?
Really wants to, but it’s always difficult to start. It seems to me that Polina is ready top run, if she opens your high-quality channel, then it seems to me, immediately signs up a few hundred thousand people.